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Tаiреi is town thаt whiсh уоu саn рlаn tо hаѕ a joy ride which you would wiѕh for years tо соmе аnd iѕ аn intеrеѕting сitу lосаtеd on the nоrthеrn tiр оf iѕlаndѕ Taiwan and сарitаl of thе Rерubliс оf Chinа. The costs shown come from lots of of main and low cost airways and airfare travel aggregators.

With over four hundred airlines in our search, Travelocity makes it simple to e-book the best offers on airfare, so you can spend your time planning adventures as massive as Half Dome. Dubai is one оf thе seven еmirаtеѕ аnd thе mоѕt fаmоuÑ• аnd рорulоuÑ• сitу оf thе Unitеd Arаb Emirаtеѕ (UAE).…

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Murder in Money: The Death of Emmett Till As Catalyst for the Civil Rights Movement

Murder in Money: The Death of Emmett Till As Catalyst for the Civil Rights Movement

Money. Rural Mississippi, 1954. A whistle. Then a murder. This, however, was not a murder over money, but rather in Money, a tiny one-shop town, whose primary inhabitants were sharecroppers, a throwback to antebellum times. That general store was owned by the Bryant family, whose owners included twenty-one year old Carolyn Bryant, a former beauty queen whose good looks were well-known around those parts.

It was that fateful day, when a fourteen year old boy from Chicago named Emmett Till came down to spend a few weeks visiting with relatives. He stayed along with several of his cousins at his great-uncle Mose “Preacher” Wright’s home, in a nearby section of town exclusively populated by blacks. Unbeknownst to young Emmett, there was an unwritten “code” in rural Mississippi: it was well known in the Jim Crow South that there were certain things a black male – be it a young child, or an adult man – just did not do. The list was long, and extensive. His mother, Mamie Till Bradley, warned him before he boarded the train from Illinois that such “black codes” still existed. In fact, she feared a great deal for her son’s safety, and was reticent to even allow him to Mississippi.

Nonetheless, the young Till was insistent, and as was unsurprising to those who knew him, he exuded a confidence in adolescence that made him fearless. However, street smarts in Chicago would only get a young black man so far in rural Money. Though 700 miles apart geographically, the two locales were more like a million miles apart sociologically, racially, and culturally.

There were unspoken rules Emmett would need to acquaint himself with that were prevalent throughout the South at this time, and most black men were acquiescent, if not downright submissive to the white race’s presupposed dominance. Some of the rules included: not making eye contact with a white woman; deference in speaking, with simple phrases of “Yes, ma’am,” and “no, ma’am;” and interracial dating or intermarriage was more than faux pas; it was absolutely forbidden, and considered to be miscegenation. Southern politicians at the time railed against the dangers of the impending “mongrelization” of the races were intermarriage to occur.

Young Till violated all of the societal norms, at least in the eyes of Bryant and Milam, the half-brothers who perpetrated the unspeakable horrors after an innocent “wolf-whistle” that Till purportedly made at Bryant’s wife when leaving the store that fateful day in Money. Little did any of them know, but this would be the catalyzing event that would spark the nascent Civil Rights movement in the United States, dramatically altering race relations and the fabric of our very nation for decades to come.

Accounts vary as to what exactly Emmett Till said or did that day at Milam’s store, as he went in alone to buy some candy. By some witness’s statements, he put his arm around her waist and asked for a date. Others say he wolf-whistled at her as they left. Yet others, still, say he simply touched her hand when making change, which in itself was considered an egregious violation of the sanctity and purity of the Southern white woman, whose frailty prevented her from defending herself. In the Jim Crow South, he should have put his change down on the counter so as to avoid any potential for impropriety.

Irrespective of how the events transpired inside the store, the response was swift: Bryant ran out to her car to fetch her revolver, and Till and his friends quickly leapt into their automobile and fled. Little did they realize that they were about to unleash a hurricane, one which would spur a movement on a scale never before seen in American history.

One must first understand not only the juxtaposition between Till’s upbringing in Chicago vis-?�-vis life in the Jim Crow South, but also understand the overarching framework of Southern power philosophy and black repression. By the time the Reconstruction period ended, a reconstruction of race relations in the South saw the genesis of the Southern white mythology of “the black rapist.” Fed by fears of miscegenation propagated by politicians, writers, and newspaper editorial boards, the myth was perpetuated that “marriage or sexual intimacy with blacks would degrade and eventually extinguish Anglo-Saxon civilization itself.”

By the time the Brown v. Board of Ed. decision was handed down in 1954, the preservation of Southern “white patriarchy seemed to require the suppression of even the most insignificant challenges to its authority;” thus the mythologizing of black men as savages, rapists, and lustful for white women. With a strong sense of “honor” identity in white Southern society, appealing to the basest instincts of a father, brother, or husband …

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Gold Coast Theme Parks – Information, Tickets & Passes

Gold Coast Theme Parks – Information, Tickets & Passes

The Gold Coast in Queensland is Australia’s home to theme parks and family entertainment venues. These Gold Coast Theme Parks all adopt their own concepts and provide days of entertainment popular and safe surrounds. Below you will find a brief description of each of the five major theme parks on the Gold Coast.

Movie World

Warner Brothers Movie World gives everyone the opportunity to be a star and experience the magic and excitement of being in the Movies. There are daring rides such as the Superman Escape rollercoaster where those that dare travel 100km per hour in just two seconds! And when you thought Warner Bros. Movie World them park on the Gold Coast  couldn’t offer you any more action – out of the darkness comes an unprecedented thrill ride experience ‘Batwing Spaceshot’ – Get ready for a rapid 4G vertical launch followed by a drop into a breathtaking negative descent – beyond freefall!

Don’t forget all the fun of Looney Tunes Village, and be sure to take adventure to the next dimension with DreamWorks® Shrek 4D Adventure”! – the attraction that puts you in the action with hair-raising, eye-popping, and butt-busting effects so real all your senses will be on ogre-time. Warner Bros. Movie World is an exciting adventure just waiting for you! Address: Pacific Highway, Oxenford (Exit is clearly signed).

Location: 20 minutes north of Surfers Paradise, 45 Minutes south of Brisbane.

Opening Hours: 10am – 5.00pm all year round. Closed Christmas Day, 25 December. Restricted trading hours apply on ANZAC Day, Australia’s National Day of Remembrance on 25 April, with the park opening at 1:30pm.

Sea World

Sea World is undoubtedly one of the long term favourite Gold Coast theme parks and leads you on a journey to discover amazing marine life including dolphins, seals, sharks and polar bears. Enjoy a visit to the Sea World’s Shark Bay, the world’s largest man-made lagoon system, where you come face-to-face with the most feared species of sharks in the world! Visit Polar Bear Shores, watch the 1960’s themed ‘Waterski Wipeout’ show, visit Cartoon Network Cartoon Beach, enjoy the rides and attractions at Sesame Street Beach, where you can watch Bert & Ernie’s live stage show, featuring a full cast of characters singing and dancing up a storm. It’s all happening at Sea World theme Park on the Queensland Gold Coast and a must visit for all the family.

Location: Seaworld Drive, Main Beach. 3 kilometres north of Surfers Paradise

Opening Hours: 10am – 5.00pm all year round. Closed Christmas Day, 25 December. Restricted trading hours apply on ANZAC Day, Australia’s National Day of Remembrance on 25 April, with the park opening at 1:30pm. 

Wet’n’Wild Water World

Australia’s premier water theme park is Wet’n’Wild Water World on the Queensland Gold Coast. Enjoy the fun of be spun out by Whirlpool that sends guests whirling amidst swirling rapids. Dare to experience the  world’s first wet roller coaster as you plunge 30 metres through wild water sprays while spinning on a giant surfboard! Then, take on Australia’s biggest water attraction – Mammoth Falls. Then lay back at Giant Wave Pool or relax at Calypso Beach. Children (under 10 years of age) can also enjoy your visit to Wet’n’Wild World with a paddle or swim in Buccaneer Bay – a playground full of fun and fantasy. The park is patrolled by fully qualified lifeguards and all slides and pools are heated during the cooler months. Dive-in Movies are screened every Saturday night from November to January and every night during December to January school holidays.

Location: Pacific Highway, Oxenford (Exit is clearly signed). 20 minutes north of Surfers Paradise, 45 Minutes south of Brisbane.

Opening Hours: The park opens at 10.00am every day, closing times vary throughout the year – as follows:

27 December – 25 January: 9.00pm

26 January – 30 April: 5.00pm*

01 May – 31 August: 4.00pm

01 September – 26 December: 5.00pm*

Closed Christmas Day, 25 December. Restricted trading hours apply on ANZAC Day, Australia’s National Day of Remembrance on 25 April, with the park opening at 1:30pm.

Whitewater World

WhiteWater World is another popular Gold Coast Theme Park and is operated by Dream world. More than just another water park, White Water World is the most advanced water ride park on earth. They offer a number of  family friendly attractions through to the more extreme and daring waterslides for the brave.

WhiteWater World offers four of the “world’s best” water slides plus family fun and entertainment at the Nickelodeon’s Pipeline Plunge and the aptly name toddler playground, Wiggle Bay. White Water World is all about the Australian surf, sand and sea, and of course a BIG FUN factor!

Location: Adjacent to Dream world on the Pacific Highway, Oxenford. 25 minutes north of Surfers Paradise and 40 minutes south of Brisbane.

Opening Hours: 10.00am to 5.00pm daily (10.30am-4.30pm in …

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What to Pack for Traveling Overseas

What to Pack for Traveling Overseas

A strategy for relaxed traveling would be to pack light! Going through check-ins, security lines, customs, and now immigration is usually a wildly undesirable experience if you are weighed down with unneeded belongings.

Many airways let you have two checked bags, a singular carry-on bag, and one personal item. The personal item is essentially regarded as an alternate carry-on bag, but it needs to go under the seat in front of you when upon the airplane. Whilst this is the traditional rule, all airline businesses have their own constraints to luggage sizes, weight and quantity. A large number of limitations are altered continually, thus be certain to check in advance with the airline company in which you are flying.

A fantastic technique for packing light would be to separate stuff you would like to travel with into two piles. Pile 1 could be necessary things and Pile 2 will plainly be the reverse. Additionally, contemplate the monetary value of each item. Small items like magazines occasionally will be simpler to forget at home and simply buy fresh when you land. Inspect each article, but likewise be sensible on what your traveling budget lets you buy while abroad. Usually, determining a price limit on each item helps. For instance, only things that will be upwards of $10 to buy new will go into the required pile, Pile 1. A good place to start for Pile 1 would be to add your passport, ticket, visa information, and cash.

Shortly after initially dividing your things, begin transferring more things into your necessary pile from your unnecessary pile with good thinking. Will you use this during your travels? Is this something that you can buy inexpensively? Constructing simple questions similar to these will assist you to finalize what to pack. If you are happy with the things in your Pile 1, fold and place in your luggage and suss out the weight. Is your bag below the weight restriction for the company you are flying on? If you are under, great, you are virtually set! If you aren’t below, ditch your junk back on your bed and refashion the piles, but scrutinize even more this time around.

The easiest way to travel is taking one checked bag and one carry-on, or less for people who can! A good number of people would certainly be OK using this method, but often we just want more. We are human after all. If you elect to take two bags, make certain you consider all that walking you will most likely be doing.…

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Thoughts From The Box – Puerto Rican Ransom

Thoughts From The Box – “Puerto Rican Ransom”

My twin brother and I just went on our first vacation together in five years. Guess where we went? Yep, you got it… Puerto Rico! The trip was short but very eventful. I’ll spare you all the details, however there was one event that I believe God wanted me to experience and you to visualize.

I have to be honest with you, I did not get the significance of this revelation until I returned home. I was at home lifting weights in my garage when the spirit of the Lord clearly said, “Ransom!”

Now, arriving in Puerto Rico, Julien and I thought it would be a good idea to rent a car because of the distance from our hotel to all of the tourist attractions I had planned for us to see. This panned out to be a smart move as far as our budget was concerned.

On the second day of the trip, we decided to sightsee in the Historic District, or what is called “Old San Juan.” Our guide was running a little behind schedule, so he told us to park, walk around and take pictures of the island. While driving, I noticed an abandoned parking lot right off the road, so I prompted Julien to pull over and park the car. I hurried out of the car while Julien stayed behind setting up his camera. When I turned back, a local quickly walked over to Julien and said, “Lock your doors.” With a light smirk on his face and a swaggering persona, Julien replied, “OK!” However, the local wasn’t smiling and repeated firmly, “Lock your doors!”

I didn’t know what this guy was saying to my brother because I was a couple feet away, so I stopped and automatically went into protection mode because another local was walking between Julien and me. Julien listened, locked the doors, and then smoothly headed my way. Thinking the whole thing was strange, I asked, “What was all that about?” Well, we would find out later. (Traveling Tip: If you don’t see any other cars parked in a parking area, it’s probably not a good place to be… I’m just saying!)

Julien and I finally met up with our guide, after a couple hours of sightseeing by ourselves, and he hurriedly showed us around Old San Juan. Because of our tight schedule, I told our guide we had to cut the tour short. At this point, I wanted to walk back to the car, but our guide continued to insist that he would drive us back. Arriving at the rental, we saw there were now four cars surrounding our vehicle, and some even had tinted windows. ” was going on now?”

The same local who had told Julien to lock the doors came up to our guide talking in Spanish but in a devious and suspicious manner. After a couple of seconds our guide slid him some cash and asked us, “Is everything in the car?” I took a look and replied, “Yeah.” He told us to get in the car and follow him. Curious about the day’s events, I later texted our guide and asked him why he had to pay the stranger off. He replied, that the guy expected us to give him cash because he claimed to be protecting our car from other locals.

Wow! What if we would have gone back to the car by ourselves? If they had asked us for money, would we have given it to them? We didn’t know the rules in Puerto Rico. This was foreign territory for us. And, truthfully, I would not have given them any money. However, looking back on this, a safe assumption is that they probably would have taken the money from us forcefully, for sure. Our guide probably saved our lives!

Don’t you see? We thought our guide was to serve us in one thing by taking us sightseeing but, instead, he stood in the gap, taking his hard-earned money and paying the redemptive price to get us out of a potentially dangerous situation.

My friends, Jesus did the same thing. When we are in bad situations because of sin and we don’t know where to go, Jesus becomes that ransom for us. In fact, he has already paid the price once by dying on the cross for our sins. And please don’t get it “twisted.” Some religions teach that we humans placed Jesus on the cross with our sins. This is to make us live our lives in guilt. However, it’s not biblical. In John 18:10, Jesus clearly says, “No one takes it (my life) from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take …

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Organization – The Key to Traveling Light

Organization – The Key to Traveling Light

When planning your trip, whether it be for leisure or business you need to be organized. Organization is the key to traveling light and finding the right luggage at the right price to meet all your travel requirements.

Make a list of all the personal belongings that you will need. The list will depend on where you are going, why you are going and how long you are going for. Pack your luggage ahead of time. Packing ahead of time lets you know whether or not you have enough storage space for all your personal belongings. Phone the hotel at your destination and see what amenities are at your disposal. If the hotel is offering certain amenities then you do not need to take them with you, for example shampoo, iron, blow dryer etc. Following these suggestions will give you the packing flexibility that you need in order to travel light and still have everything you need. You can limit the number of luggage bags required for all your storage needs. These packing tips will not cost you overweight baggage fees and you will not end up with luggage bags that are unnecessary.

With the various outlets that supply luggage, such as department stores, shopping malls, or online stores you will be guaranteed to find the right luggage at the right price to meet your budget, style, and your travel requirements. Once you have your list of necessary personal items you can decide whether you need a carry on bag, expandable luggage, wheeled luggage, a luggage set or a combination of luggage bags that offers all the packing flexibility that is required. There is a wide variety of luggage to choose from, whether you choose a brand name like Travelpro or a generic brand, you will find the right luggage to suit your budget that also allows you the ability to travel light.

For a family vacation you may need a luggage set that can accommodate your whole family’s personal needs and requirements. The luggage set may include a backpack, a shoulder tote, or a carry on with multiple pockets for those close at hand personal items. Maybe an expandable wheeled luggage bag for the heavier and last minute items. Again, this will guarantee that you are traveling light and still have the packing flexibility to ensure that you have everything you need to make your trip a success.

If you follow the packing tips above you will be organized, traveling light and have everything you need in order to make your trip a success. Traveling stress free and within your budget is the only way to travel!…