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How to Travel, Eat Whatever You Want, and Still Lose Weight (Really!)

How to Travel, Eat Whatever You Want, and Still Lose Weight (Really!)

I just returned from a big convention and I lost two pounds! Did I starve myself? No. Did I bring “diet food” with me? No. Did I count points or calories? No.

So, how did I do it?

First of all, I have to – in the interest of full disclosure – say that whereby some people find it easier to lose weight (or to follow their program) while at home, I’m the opposite. I seem to do better when I’m “on the road.” Whether that’s for vacation, business, or even on a cruise, I seem to have a much easier time losing or maintaining my weight while away from home, rather than in my house.

So, if you’re saying, “Oh, well, that explains it. It’s easier for him while he travels; it’s not that way for me. No need to read on…” that would be the wrong approach too. The reason I do better when I’m on the road is because I have come up with some simple tools that hold me in place. Follow these give tips and you’ll do well.

1) Never bring any food into your hotel room

I have often said that if I went to bed five minutes earlier, I’d be 50 pounds lighter.

The biggest reason I do better when I’m out of town is because my major problem with regards to weight loss is that I tend to eat a lot of my food later in the evening. Whereby it’s “calories in – calories out,” eating late puts the bulk of your calories in you right before you drop your metabolism (sleep). In addition, if I eat a lot late at night, I tend to adopt the philosophy of the practicing perfectionist, “I blew it. Well, as long as I blew it, I might as well really blow it. I’ll start again tomorrow.” From there, I go real crazy and that’s where the real damage comes from. If all that wasn’t enough, eating before sleeping affects how well you sleep and if you don’t get enough rest, you tend to engage in your bad habits (read “eating”) and some studies have shown that too little sleep also tends to make one feel he or she is hungrier than she really is.

Bottom line for me is if I’m traveling. I don’t bring anything into my hotel room. To be honest, once in awhile, I’ll bring something to drink or even a very, very light treat from a vending machine. However, by removing temptation room my hotel, I sleep better and eat less.

2) Walk! Walk! Walk!

If at all possible, I’ll walk wherever I’m going. I fasten a pedometer to my hip because I like to see how far I’ve gone. It becomes a competition with myself – and it works.

While I’m at home, I might put on 5,000 or so steps in an average day. When I’m traveling, it averages as much as 12,000. One day, I walked 12 miles. It wasn’t at once; a little here, a few more there, before you know it, you’ve got some real distance on your feet.

Tied to this, I walk after each meal, and I almost always take the stairs. Granted, in New York, I was on the 35th floor and I’m not THAT dedicated but when I’ve gone on cruises, I make a commitment to take the stairs every time. (If you’re not familiar with cruise ships, they are 10-15 stories tall and if you walk those stairs every day, you burn a whole lot of calories!)

If the hotel (or ship) has a fitness center or a track, I’ll fit in one mile a day. I’m not a jogger. I walk casually. But it still helps.

Find excuses to walk. Even a small amount helps offset the weight gain.

3) Smaller portions and no seconds

If I’m traveling with my wife, we’ll split meals. At first, I was afraid I wouldn’t get enough to eat, but the portions served in restaurants are really quite large and if you split a meal, you’re usually full anyway. (And you save money that you can then spend on the sites or on buying souvenirs!) If you’re not filled, at least you get to feel virtuous when you order dessert or ask for something else. Total caloric intake is still reduced from what it would have been.

However, do not ask for more until you’ve waited at least 15 minutes! It will be the longest quarter hour in your life – or so it will seem – but it will make a tremendous difference in your weight.

(If you’re going a little crazy counting down the minutes, it’s a good time to …

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Pet Sitter – Best Tips to Find One

Pet Sitter – Best Tips to Find One

We all love our pets. A pet is a domestically owned animal which is kept basically for companionship. People love to play with their pets all day long. Some of the people even regard them as a part of their family. Further in this topic we are going to talk about pet sitting in detail. But first of all let us understand what pet sitter exactly is. Well, a pet sitter is a person who takes care of your pet whenever you are out for some important work. They basically work on contract basis.

So, if you are going out for a long vacation then you can leave your pet behind with a trustworthy sitter. Some of the finest places to look for a sitter are: local Humane Society and a famous Veterinarian agency. You can certainly find a good pet sitter in this way. Some of the sitters even work on freelance basis. It could prove to be very beneficial to you. You really need to plan well before hiring a professional for this job. Ample research is also required for this purpose.

Now, given below are some of the finest tips to help you find a good pet sitter.

1. Always opt for an established and experienced sitter. Only such professionals could really help you. If you go for an amateur then it is possible that your pet might be in danger. So, if you really love your pet then you must opt for an experienced sitter of pet.

2. You should interview a few short listed candidates for this job. Yes, it is very important to do so. Make a complete list of questions that you need to ask the candidates. Specialized sitters must offer both evidence of bonding and accountability indemnity treatment. They should be able to easily interact with your pets.

3. You really need to talk about their price. Before hiring them you need to discuss about the price that they are going to charge. It should be reasonable enough. They should not ask for a hefty amount.

4. You also need to discuss the style of working of the pet sitter. He should work in the best possible manner and provide you all types of services.

So, these are some of the things that could really help you find a suitable pet sitter. Don’t forget to read this article once.…

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How You Can Keep Fit By Dancing

How You Can Keep Fit By Dancing

Staying fit has been associated with all sorts of negative things. When one thinks of losing weight to reach the standard recommended weight, they will always think about dieting, or strenuous body exercises. These activities are quite boring especially when they have to be repeated in a routine. The good news is that there are other activities that are enjoyable and that can help you achieve the same or even better results. You can keep fit by dancing.

There are many places that one can go to dance and exercise. This is especially easy for people living in cities as there are many entertainment joints, where one can go if they want to dance. Choosing the best joint to go to when one wants to dance will depend highly on several personal preferences. For example, you will have to find a joint that plays your favorite music and one that will be near your residence in case you want to dance late into the night.

One thing is however, important and should be seriously considered when choosing the venue for the activity. Keep in mind that although you want to dance for fun, you want to benefit from the fun activity by exercising your body. The songs played therefore, should be the type that you can actually dance to. Vigorous songs that will call for vigorous body movement are preferably as this is what will help you burn more calories.

On realizing the importance of body movement to stay in shape, many fitness clubs have included this in their list of activities that their clients engage in when in the clubs. They have come up with different types of dances such as jazz, yoga, belly dances and even pole dances. Pole dances have particularly become very popular among many people in the recent past.

This is an art that you may need to learn in order to enjoy it. If you have a friend who likes it, you can ask them to teach you how to dance. However, it would be better if you attended classes offered by professional studios. To get the most out of the time you spend in the studio, you should ensure that the personnel there are trained and qualified people. Such people will know the type of dances that can be of benefit to you.

One good thing about the activity is that everybody can dance regardless of their gender or age. Even elderly people can participate in this activity, enjoy it and in the process exercise their bodies. They only need to choose the type of dance that they will be comfortable with.

The benefits of the activity are numerous. This includes the fact that since it is a vigorous activity, it helps burn excess fats. Also, it involves all parts of the body, ensuring that every muscle is engaged thus, wholesome body health is achieved.

The heart and lungs benefit more. This is one activity that will cause you to breath deeper thereby, taking in more oxygen that will be taken up by the blood and transported to all body parts. Deep breathing helps the lungs exercise thus, helping them to stay healthy. The heart also beats faster when one is moving their bodies vigorously. Since the heart is a muscle, you can keep fit by dancing as making it beat faster and harder makes it stronger.…

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The Pros and Cons of Taking Your Protection Dog to a Dog Park

The Pros and Cons of Taking Your Protection Dog to a Dog Park

Dog parks are often in found in urban areas as means for dog owners to let their dogs exercise off-leash and to socialize with other canines. However, the benefits incurred by these parks may not necessarily out-weight the problems that they create.

The first and foremost benefit of dog parks is that off-leash exercise is good for your canine. In regular parks, and other public areas, taking your canine off its leash may be both illegal and dangerous. As a result, your canine is forced to run only as fast as you are able to. For the majority of dogs, this is far slower than their natural running speed and does not provide the same level of exercise as being able to run free. This is especially true of working line protection dogs who are bred to have improved speed and agility. Another benefit of these parks is the opportunity for canines to socialize with others of their species. A canine needs to feel connected to those that it identifies as members of its pack. Most often, this means yourself and your family. Socialisation outside of this is mostly a matter of keeping your canine obedient and comfortable in different environments and around different people or other dogs. However, just as you should not allow other people to pet your protection dog, you may also want to limit the ways in which your protection dog may interact with other dogs.

The cons associated with dog parks are centered primarily around injury incurred between dogs. Many dog owners simply allow their dogs to run free and play amongst themselves while in dog parks. Unfortunately, many smaller or weaker dogs may become subject to the rougher play of a much larger dog. This is most often the fault of an owner who does not take the care and responsibility to ensure that their dog plays safely and harmlessly. Unfortunately, the majority of dog parks are unregulated and unsupervised. However, a number of private dog parks do exist. Private dog parks often screen dogs for temperament before they are permitted to enter. Some breeds with a reputation for aggressive behavior are often denied outright. Working breeds such as the German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois or Dutch Shepherd may have to undergo an extensive evaluation of their obedience and temperament. However, a well bred and well trained protection dog or guard dog should have no trouble passing any evaluation of obedience and temperament.

The best option for you and your dog is a stretch of field or farmland in which your dog may obtain off-leash exercise without interference from others. However, this is not an option for many people, especially those who do not own plots of farm land. A private dog park may be the best alternative, as it ensures that all dogs in the park will be trained, with good temperament, and will not harass or provoke your dog. Likewise, the owners are likely to be more attentive to the behavior of their dog.…

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Things Couples And Families Can Do On New Year’s Eve 2011 In Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

Things Couples And Families Can Do On New Year’s Eve 2011 In Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

Ring in 2011 in Niagara Falls at a Resort

Whether your plans include a romantic moment at midnight, family fun for the day, or a full out party weekend, a Resort has your plans covered for New Year’s Eve.

Location, Location, Location

Located directly across from Niagara Falls and within the heart of the tourist district, a Resort has once again set a course for New Year’s Eve excitement. A Resort plans to pull out all the stops with activities ranging from elegant to engaging. New Year’s Eve celebrations include a Galas at hotel, sophisticated Fallsview dining at a restaurant, extended hours at a Indoor Water park, or family friendly dinner at a top themed Niagara Falls eatery with a rocking party at the Dance Club.

The Complete New Year’s Eve Package

Celebrate the New Year in spectacular style with a Fallsview Gala Package at the Hotel. The popular annual event held in a Fallsview Restaurant is a stylish night of Fallsview dining and entertainment. Hotel Packages include one or two nights hotel accommodations, spectacular Fallsview Buffet Dining, all leading up to celebrations at midnight which feature the traditional countdown, fireworks over the Falls, a champagne toast, party favors, and dancing till 1am. Each package also includes a New Year’s Day brunch, and two night packages include a Fallsview Breakfast for the additional morning.

Just The Romance Please

For those looking for an elegant option, but wish to celebrate the countdown to midnight at home, get reservations at a specialized table d’ hotel menu. Eat a six course epicurean odyssey that includes some of the finest ingredients produced in Niagara featuring a panoramic view of the Falls and create an intimate and romantic setting to your New’s Year Night Out in Niagara Falls.

Bring the Kids too!

Celebrate the arrival of 2011 with the kids at a Indoor Water park which offers hours of fun for the entire family. One water park offers 16 slides, a giant wave pool, 1000 Gallon Tipping Bucket, massive “Beach House” Play Area, year round outdoor sundeck & activity pool and a Beach Club. For added convenience and your comfort, a water park offers easy access to the hotels through indoor climate controlled walkways. a popular Hollywood themed Niagara restaurant has once again created a special New Year’s Eve family buffet dinner. To make the evening even more special, bundle tickets with a stay at the nearby Inn which is located just steps away.

Rocking in the New Year

‘Party like a Rock Star in Niagara Falls! The coolest party of the night is at a Rock Club where pulsating music from Niagara’s best DJ crew will have you on the dance floor until the wee hours of the morning. The festivities include a spectacular laser light show and free party favors for the first 100 guests. Dress to impress and be prepared to dance! Located directly across from the Falls, there is a 20 acre Resort, home to some of Niagara’s most popular hotels and attractions. Make your New Years getaway a memorable occasion.…