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Keeping Your Spirits Up While the Economy Goes Down

By Suzana Jun3,2022

Keeping Your Spirits Up While the Economy Goes Down

Daily commuters are spending more and more time driving to and from work, and while this does eat up a lot of valuable moments that could be put to better use, there are some ways to get around this drawback and optimize your travel time. Not only will you be able to make use of what may have been stagnant time behind the wheel, you will also raise your spirits and find it interesting, perhaps even fun, to drive to work. No longer will you sit, tense and wary, in the driver’s seat, suppressing your anger at incompetent drivers and interminable traffic jams; with these simple tips, you can take charge of your mood and your time and just plain feel better about your drive to work.

Want an easy pick-me-up? Exercise in your car (while still paying attention to the road). Granted, you won’t be able to bust a move the same way you might while working out to an aerobics video at home. Still, by keeping in mind the principle of extended tension and subsequent relaxation, you can and really ought to give it a try. Focus on areas of your body that you want to tone-the abs are a good place to start-flex those muscles, hold it, hold it, then release. And then, just begin again. Consider also working through different muscle groups and rounding out your routine with some deep breathing exercises. A calm mind in a healthy body will mean a cheerful way to start the work day.

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Don’t have time to read? Why not take your books with you wherever you go. Invest in a few good audio books and listen to them while you drive. They will come in especially useful on the drive back. Imagine the easing drop of stress and pressure as you drive away from a hectic job environment towards the sunny climes of a fine work of fiction, narrated to you by a calm and soothing voice. You will find your worries and cares just melting away as you become immersed in an interesting story.

As an addendum to the previous point, you can further your education and gain solid professional skills by listening to instructional audio materials. Whether you want to study a new language, learn about finance, brush up on world history, or become familiar with other fields of interest, you can do so from the comfort of your car. Forget about the outside world with its hustle and bustle; in your car, you can develop your interior world-your mind, your most precious asset.

By Suzana

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