South Africa – Some Of The Top Holiday Destinations

<p>South Africa – Some Of The Top Holiday Destinations</p><p><img decoding="async" class='wp-post-image' style='float:left;margin-right:10px;' src="" width="675px" alt=""/>South Africa is the largest and the most developed country in Africa. This country is also the leading tourist destination compared to all other African countries. This country has a lot to offer ranging from the beautiful landscape, cities, white sand beaches, strong culture, wildlife, wine lands and a long and beautiful history.</p><p>The Mapungubwe National Park near Limpopo river has an interesting historical background. The remains excavated at the cultural landscape in the Mapungubwe hills shows the African ancient civilization founded between AD 900-1300 existed. This is the largest Kingdom known in the African sub-continent. It is in this park where fossils of Gold Rhino were recovered. Other fossils include beads and pottery. Apart from the fossils, you can see the big five, over 400 bird species and unique forest plant species. You will also have a good view of the Limpopo river.</p><p>South Africa has about eight World Heritage Sites. The past history, cultural, natural and artifacts are irreplaceable and have a lot of inspiration to the locals and visitors as well. Natural heritage sites include; Cape Floral Region Protected Areas founded in 2004, Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park started in 1999 and Vredefort Dome founded in 2005. Cultural heritage sites include; Fossil Hominid Sites of Sterkfontein, Swartkrans, Kromdraai, and Environs started in 1999, Robben Island also founded in 1999, Mapungubwe Cultural Landscape founded in 2003, Richtersveld Cultural and Botanical Landscape which was founded in 2007 and Drakensberg Park.</p><p>Kwa Zulu Natal battle fields are the most important battle fields in South Africa. The most remembered battles were those fought between the Zulu and Boer, Zulu and British and finally Boer and the British. The Ncome river (blood river) which turned red with the blood of the Zulu people. Battles fought in this field are the bloodiest battles in the history of South Africa. Visit this place and listen to emotional tales full of courage, defeat, victory and reconciliation.</p><p>Between the month of June and November is the mating, breeding and calving season of the whales along the Whale Coast and Walker Bay. This is the best time to watch the whales on boat trips along the southern coast of South Africa. You can explore the Cape Town before and then proceed for whale watching.</p><p>The Drakensberg mountain has the highest altitude in South Africa. Drakensberrg means the dragon mountain to the people of South Africa. It is a World Heritage Site which consists of 200 million of geological formations and a San rock art which contains 30,000 individual paintings at 600 sites. This is an ideal place for game viewing and bird watching as you see different plants.</p><p>Other top destinations include Johannesburg, Sun City, Garden Route, Eastern Cape, Pilanesberg, Kruger National Park and Madikwe.…</p>

Lake Dolores Waterpark Renovation

<p>Lake Dolores Waterpark Renovation</p><p><img decoding="async" class='wp-post-image' style='float:left;margin-right:10px;' src="" width="677px" alt=""/>Anyone that has the traveled the I-15 from Los Angeles to Las Vegas or from Las Vegas to Los Angeles may recall a closed water park halfway to their destination. The water park in Newberry Springs is known by many names, including Rock-A-Hoola and Discovery, but is best known as Lake Dolores.</p><p>Lake Dolores</p><p>The park was designed and built by John Byers for use by his extended family. Lake Dolores was named after Byers’ wife. Once known as, “The Fun Spot of The Desert!” All of the attractions were designed and built by John Byers himself. The park featured eight identical 150-foot 60-degree-angle steel water slides mounted side by side on a man-made hill, two V-shaped standing water slides, 200 ft long 40 mph zip lines, three high diving boards, and three trapeze-like swings. The park saw its peak attendance between the early 1970s and the mid 1980s. The park closed for the first time during the 1980s. Byers sold the closed park in August of 1990 to Terry Christensen.</p><p>Rock-A-Hoola</p><p>In 1995, Terry Christensen had the original water slides on the hill removed to make room for new modern attractions. The park reopened under a new name, “Rock-A-Hoola”, on July 4, 1998. The park featured the “Big Bopper” a fast, long group raft ride, and a “Lazy River” that was a more relaxed one. After the on-premise planned RV park was delayed, the park closed after only three seasons. The park filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in February 2000, and the bankruptcy judge overseeing the case returned the property to Dolores Byers with most debts discharged.</p><p>Discovery Water park</p><p>Dolores Byers sold the property in September 2001 to S.L. Investment Group LLC of the City of Industry, California, she died a month later. After a $400,000 renovation, the waterpark reopened in May 2002 under a new name, “Discovery Waterpark”. In 2002 and 2003, the park was open on weekends. During the last season of operation in the summer of 2004, the park operated intermittently.</p><p>Dismantling</p><p>While the park had been closed since the summer of 2004, in January 2009, the park appeared in an episode of MTV reality show Rob & Big. Professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek and friends utilized the water park and its slides to perform skateboard stunts for the show.</p><p>Shortly after the show aired, the “Big Bopper” water slide was dismantled and shipped to its native Canada. It is now named “Colossal Canyon” at Cultus Lake Waterpark near Vancouver, British Columbia.</p><p>Repeatedly vandalized, much of the park was left in ruins. By August 2009 there was little remaining.</p><p>Lake Dolores Oasis Themepark February 2011</p><p>A couple fed up with hearing about high unemployment rates decided do something about it.</p><p>After finding Lake Dolores online, the couple living in Seattle decided they would do everything in their power to get the park reopened. After taking a tour in of the park in March, 2011 Oasis Themepark LLC was formed. The park was given a “voice” through various social sites MySpace, Twitter, Facebook and Blogger, just to name a few. They tracked down the company that did the site development, White Water West, to get the Rock-A-Hoola attractions recreated. In May, the couple moved from Seattle to Las Vegas to be closer to the park and make it easier to work with the current owners. Well, their work is paying off, and they will be signing the lease on August 28, 2011.…</p>

4 Proven Advantages of Traveling Light

<p>4 Proven Advantages of Traveling Light</p><p><img decoding="async" class='wp-post-image' style='float:left;margin-right:10px;' src="" width="670px" alt=""/>One of the most common mistakes that many travelers commit is over packing. Lugging a lot of things with you can take the fun out of your trip. With that, knowing how to pack only your essentials during your trip will help you enjoy your time. Traveling light is a skill that you should learn how to master – that is if you do not want a stressful trip.</p><p>Interested to know how light packing can benefit you? Here are some of its pros:</p><p>1. Saves you money</p><p>If you are bothered with surcharges and excess baggage fees, light packing will take a load of this burden from you. Planning which items you need to bring will prevent you from packing more than what you actually require.</p><p>2. Ensures security of your things</p><p>Compared with carrying a few bags around, toting a single bag with you will give you the peace of mind that you need. If you are able to get a suitcase that can fit almost everything you have, you are less likely to lose your stuff and personal belongings.</p><p>3. Greater mobility </p><p>Having a good bag whether it is your best Hello Kitty luggage or your high-end suitcase can provide you with greater mobility inside the airport, provided that it is lightweight and wheeled. It will leave both of your hands free and you can easily deal with virtually anything that comes your way. If you need to fill out some paperwork in the airport, you can do so with ease.</p><p>4. Comfort and Convenience</p><p>Traveling with less bulk allows you to enjoy the trip more. You will have more time to yourself and you will find it more convenient to explore the place. Aside from that, there is no need to rush yourself because you know exactly where your things are located since you just have a bag to think about. This avoids the hassle of carrying or minding several bags on hand.</p><p>Keys to light packing</p><p>The key to traveling light is to have a list of the things that you will bring along. Aside from looking for the right luggage in the market, you need to sort your personal things first. This list will serve as your guide on what to bring so you can maximize the space of your bag.</p><p>Once you have worked out your needs, go ahead and shop for the perfect bag to take with you. Various bag manufacturers have created suitcases and luggage pieces that will fit your style and personality. You can take your pick from all the designs available. Always remember that suitcases regardless of its brand are worthy pieces of investments. They keep your things safe during travel and make your trip convenient. So, whether it is your best Hello Kitty luggage or your pricey briefcase, make sure that your chosen bag can serve its purpose for a long time.</p><p>Traveling light allows you to enjoy your trip as it spares you from the strain of carrying heavy luggage. Simply put, you can do away with all sorts of travel glitches if you select the right bag and bring only the things you need.…</p>

Three Wonderful State Parks in North Central Washington State

<p>Three Wonderful State Parks in North Central Washington State</p><p><img decoding="async" class='wp-post-image' style='float:left;margin-right:10px;' src="" width="678px" alt=""/>North Central Washington is blessed with a number of wonderful state run parks. These are great places to go to just experience a short time in the outdoors or to have a much longer overnight camping trip. There are lakes rivers, creeks, waterfalls, hiking trails, off roading opportunities, and more located very near or within a number of them. Here is a look at just three of the great state parks located in the region.</p><p>Steamboat Rock State Park</p><p>For those looking to get out and enjoy the water, there are few better places to go to in North Central Washington than Steamboat Rock. This beautiful park sits on just over 3,500 acres of land and includes the huge rock that the park is named after which looms over both the park and the upper section of Banks Lake. There are a number of activities that can be participated in at and around the park including swimming, boating, fishing, kayaking, camping, picnicking, hiking, and more.</p><p>Osoyoos Lake State Park</p><p>Lake Osoyoos is fourteen miles long and extends from the North Central Washington area north across the border into Canada. On the southern shore of the lake is Osoyoos Lake State Park which is a great place for those wanting to experience the outdoor recreational opportunities the area is famous for. The park itself is rather small, but is very popular with campers coming to the region. There is a war veteran’s memorial in the park, along with a sandy beach area and plenty of wide open grassy areas.</p><p>Potholes State Park</p><p>Located a little over a half hour south of the city of Moses Lake is the Potholes Reservoir which provides an important outdoor recreational location as well as a number of irrigation and agricultural benefits. On the shores of Potholes Reservoir is Potholes State Park. This beautiful park includes more than 600 acres of land and features play areas, campsites, a boat ramp, and more. For those that have a love for fishing, a visit to Potholes is a must.…</p>

Packing and Traveling Light

<p>Packing and Traveling Light</p><p><img decoding="async" class='wp-post-image' style='float:left;margin-right:10px;' src="" width="671px" alt=""/>When packing for a trip, it’s likely you would never consider bringing a bag of dirty clothes. But this is exactly what many travelers end up doing. All the extra clothes packed at the beginning of a trip soon turn into a heavy load of dirty laundry. One of the most important things you can do to ensure an enjoyable trip is to pack light, which can be an art unto itself.</p><p>But Is It Really That Important?</p><p>If you’re still not convinced that packing light is the way to go, here are some more reasons to leave all that stuff at home.</p><p>Comfort</p><p>If your bag feels heavy when you first start out, by the time you end your trip it will be twice as bad. You’ll be much more comfortable carrying a lighter bag, and if you pick up souvenirs on the road, they won’t make your luggage unbearably heavy. Carrying a heavy bag of laundry and items you don’t end up needing or using is more work than fun. And travel is supposed to be fun, right?</p><p>Convenience</p><p>With a heavy bag, you’re dependent on taxis and porters, which can be a hassle, and more expensive. If your bag is light and easy to carry, you have the option of walking or taking buses.</p><p>Freedom</p><p>If you don’t pack light, it’s likely you’ll be relieved to stay at the first hotel you see at your destination just so you don’t have to carry your heavy bag another step. With a lighter bag, you’ll have the freedom to search out a charming place to spend the night further from the train station, airport or bus stop. By packing less, you also have less to worry about if your bag gets lost or stolen.</p><p>Clothing</p><p>No matter how long your trip is, even if you’re traveling for several months, you can get by with 1 week’s worth of clothing.</p><p>Pack multi-purpose clothing that’s easy to care for. For example, 1 shirt made from a high-performance wicking material can work for both your morning exercise routine and a night on the town. Plan on hand-washing clothing, so look for items that are made from quick-drying synthetic materials.</p><p>Save space by leaving duplicate shirts and pants at home. You can get by with 3 pairs of socks and underwear – 1 to wear, 1 that’s being laundered and 1 for a backup.</p><p>The clothes you pack should be easy to mix and match. Choose neutral colors such as shades of black, navy and brown for maximum versatility.</p><p>Footwear</p><p>Try to limit yourself to 2 pairs of shoes.</p><p>Pack a sturdy pair of shoes for everyday use. They should be comfortable to walk in and casual enough for cities or restaurant dining.</p><p>Sandals are convenient for warm weather or dubious hotel showers</p><p>Bring a third pair of shoes only if you’re planning on doing some serious hiking or trekking, or if you’re a die-hard runner.</p><p>Personal-Care Items</p><p>Always pack small containers of personal-care items no matter how long your trip is. If you’re traveling for several months, it still pays to save room with smaller bottles and replenish your supply on the road.</p><p>Try to leave appliances such as hair dryers, electric razors and irons at home. Going without can be easier than dealing with the hassles of electronic converters and adapters in foreign countries.</p><p>Packing Tips</p><p>When you’re packing, consider putting things in the same place every time. This way you’ll easily be able to find what you’re looking for, and you’ll notice if you’ve forgotten to pack something.</p><p>Fold clothes that wrinkle, such as shirts and pants, and place them in the middle of your bag.</p><p>Roll clothes that don’t wrinkle, such as synthetic T-shirts or long underwear, and pack them tightly around the edges of your bag.</p><p>Stuff small items, including socks and underwear, in the remaining spaces. Don’t forget to use spaces like the inside of your shoes.</p><p>For airline travel, place plastic bottles of items such as soap and shampoo in Ziploc baggies to prevent accidental spills caused by air pressure changes.…</p>

Several Traveling Tips With Children

<p>Several Traveling Tips With Children</p><p><img decoding="async" class='wp-post-image' style='float:left;margin-right:10px;' src="" width="672px" alt=""/>Traveling with children surely makes you dizzy. Along the trip, you have to be ready and patient. That is why, most people do not like traveling with children.</p><p>However, if you have known the traveling tips with a family, including with children, you can create unforgettable memory and experiences. If you want to do traveling with your children, the following are several tips for you.</p><p>Before you leave your home, let your children pack their own luggage. You can decide what clothes they should bring, but let them choose their own favorite clothes. Also, do not forget to pack their special toys, sweets, bubble gums, small towels, tissue papers, books, papers, and seal plastic bags.</p><p>Before leaving your home, you should also fix over immunization like vaccine of hepatitis B, rabies, typhus, and hepatitis A to all family members. If you go abroad, you should look for additional vaccines to your destination.</p><p>Meanwhile, when you are in airport, you should provide sufficient time to check in, and also time between connecting flights. Make sure to arrive in airport earlier to prevent the delay time in last minutes or if you are confused in flight security rule. You should also plan safety planning if one of your family members is accidentally separated in airport.</p><p>Also, tell your children about the screening procedures before entering safety checkup door, so they are not afraid of it. They should know that the procedures must be followed seriously.</p><p>In flight, give your children some seats that fulfill the new security standard. Even, The Federal Aviation Administration (USA) recommends children that have weight less than 40 pounds to sit in special seats for children or baby. The best seat for them in a flight is the first rear of economic class or you can seat them between two adults. Also, do not let them walk alone without your control. Thus, you should stay wake up or often take a walk with them.</p><p>To keep your children sitting close to you, you can order the seats before. If you cannot do that, you can ask air crew in airport. So, he or she can ask another passenger to change of his or her seat.</p><p>You should also bring mineral water in bottle to drink and moisturizer to prevent your skin from dryness while you are in flight. Bring also bubble gum and nipples to reduce air pressure to their ears, and various toys in your bag to attract them.</p><p>However, if you travel by car, you can make the trip exciting by bringing some blankets and pillows. Stop regularly in the rest place and make sure that you have brought papers, pencils, toys, song CDs, and their favorite books. The most important thing is engaging them in this holiday.</p><p>For the safety of your trip, you should have some information about transportation and call numbers for urgent condition. You may provide every member of your family with mobile phone or walkie-talkie to facilitate you and your family to communicate every time.</p><p>If your holiday includes the trip to swimming pool, sea, or water park, you should not let your children explore by themselves. Even though they can swim, they should use thrower. Also, you should make sure the contents of water because you should avoid them from the chemical substances, jelly fish, and cold temperature.</p><p>Bring the wide hat and moisturizer to protect them from sunlight. Bring also the medicines you need like diarrhea medicine, analgesic, insecticide, antihistamine, and band aid. For the use of them, consult it to your doctor.</p><p>Meanwhile, to prevent you from contaminated water, just drink mineral water or use boiled water to mix milk and juice.</p><p>Overall, any problem can happen, but afford to create exciting nuance along the trip to give your children impressive and unforgettable holiday.…</p>

Basic Traveling Tips Before Leaving The Country

<p>Basic Traveling Tips Before Leaving The Country</p><p><img decoding="async" class='wp-post-image' style='float:left;margin-right:10px;' src="" width="671px" alt=""/>Traveling abroad can be fun, but it can also be frustrating. Certain preparations and requirements are necessary before you are able to leave. Depending on where you are going, you are required for certain items according to airport and the country’s regulations.</p><p>Here are a few basic tips that will help you make your planning go easier and your trip to be the best it can be.</p><p>When traveling abroad, you must have a passport. No matter if you plan to go to Canada, Mexico, or other countries across the ocean, you simply cannot do it without a passport. It is the most important thing to carry on you and one that you’ll need to have no matter where you go. You will need your passport at the airport, the border, and even some hotels requires it. There are two different kinds of passports you can get. You will need to check your destination first so you can have the correct one.</p><p>You can choose a passport book or a passport card. The most common and widely used is the passport book. The passport card is more technologically advanced since it has an RFID (radio frequency identification) chip in it. The Pro’s of using a passport card are, it’s cheaper in cost, it’s a wallet sized card, thus convenient to store in a wallet or purse. It’s very convenient for those frequent travelers who live in communities on the boarder of Mexico and Canada. The Cons are, it cannot be used for air travel. The Use is restricted for land and sea travel between the U.S. and Mexico, Canada, Caribbean and Bermuda.</p><p>Immunization cards are also important when it comes to traveling abroad. Of course this will depend on the country you visit where immunizations records are necessary. Some places have certain diseases and so it’s best to protect yourself from the diseases in those locations. Most times if you and your children are current on routine vaccinations you’ll be fine, but for certain countries, will need immunizations for diseases such as yellow fever and Meningitis. Visit the government website or speak to your travel agent regarding immunizations required for your destination. Knowing this before hand can make or break or trip.</p><p>You need to know what you can and cannot bring with you on board the airplane. Some countries frown upon certain items coming into their country while others refuse to allow certain articles to leave it. It’s always a good idea to check the rules and regulations of the country you are visiting. In doing so, you can avoid costly postage to ship items back and forth. The airports have requirements when it comes to having the correct size and weight of luggage. The charges for going over regulations can be outrageous. It’s in your best interest to check on what the rules and regulations to avoid any unnecessary charges.</p><p>International travel can be somewhat expensive but with proper planning and budgeting, you can lower the cost considerably. Travel agencies are always offering some great deals during the non-busy season.</p><p>These tips will serve to remind you of the different rules that must be adhered to, as well as help you be more prepared when traveling abroad. of the basic and do a lot of research and homework prior to you go, you’ll find out the requirements so you don’t have to pay penalties or lose issues because they didn’t meet the rules set up by the country or airport. Always do some research and homework on the places you are traveling to so you can be more prepared and avoid being penalized for not knowing the rules and customs of other countries.…</p>