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What Would Your Ultimate Vacation Involve?

By Suzana Sep3,2022

What Would Your Ultimate Vacation Involve?

When I went to Italy on vacation, I couldn’t wait to let friends and family know about our planned trip. Visiting the great Italian cities of Rome, Florence and Venice would be wonderful. That’s how it seemed to me, at least.

But it soon became clear that others had different ideas. I wondered how anyone could fail to see the attraction in taking such a vacation, but it became evident that people have very different ideas when it comes to travel. A dream trip for some would simply be a nightmare for others.

Does this really matter? If you enjoy travelling on your own, then you don’t really need to worry about the preferences of others. You’re free to choose your destinations, accommodation and modes of travel. Everything can be planned to be exactly as you would want it to be.

Most of us, however, prefer to travel with friends and family. This can cause some issues. How do you deal with a situation where you simply can’t agree on a particular destination? That can be difficult and usually involves a little bit of compromise from all involved in making the decisions.

Things seem to become even more complicated when you are travelling with children. Your kids may have a very different idea of what a dream trip should involve! They might like to take in the best theme parks, while you’d rather be relaxing by the pool.

You may already have your own ideas about your ultimate vacation too. Some people spend years wanting to visit a particular city or resort. It’s a dream that pushes them on through life.

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When talking to others, it’s clear that this dream often involves an exotic beach vacation. I find that hard to understand. It’s certainly not my idea of a dream trip. But that explains why my own Italian adventure appealed little to some others. It’s simply the case that we all have our own thoughts and ideas.

Our views, when it comes to travel, may be influenced by an entire selection of experiences. We may read a magazine article about a particular hotel or city and immediately know that we want to pay a visit. Alternatively, we may hear others talking about their own experiences.

It’s nice to have an ultimate vacation in mind. You may think that it will remain a dream, but you never know what life will bring you. There’s a chance that, one day, your dream could become a reality!

By Suzana

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