Uses And Benefits Of Retractable Roofs

<p>Uses And Benefits Of Retractable Roofs</p><p><img decoding="async" class='wp-post-image' style='float:left;margin-right:10px;' src="" width="674px" alt=""/>Retractable roofs are seen all around the country at sports stadiums. They make it possible for the stadiums to grow real grass instead of having to use artificial grass and for the athletes to compete in any weather. These roofs can also be beneficial to use in households. Some of the benefits and possible household applications are listed and described below.</p><p>Traditional roofs are in one position all the time and they can not be changed without completely removing them. These are a little more versatile. They can be extended or retracted at will to provide shade or increase sunlight to a given area. This may be useful to patios where people frequently gather. You can have shade while you sit and talk or watch children and sunlight while you sunbathe or barbecue.</p><p>Air conditioning bills are expensive and it is possible to save twenty five percent by using these. They prevent sunlight from heating up the rooms by blocking the windows that it shines into. This can help lower room temperature by fifteen degrees. They can then be retracted so that the sun hits the windows in the winter and provides a little extra heat.</p><p>Faded patio furniture is unattractive and unappealing. It tends to look dirty no matter how clean it is. Fading is caused by constant or significant exposure to the sun. This can be diminished by extending the roof over the furniture and protecting it from the sunlight.</p><p>Sun rooms are great for growing plants in and they can be made even better by the addition of a retractable roof. These roofs will make it possible to open the room up in the warmer seasons so that all the plants get plenty of sunlight. The room can then be closed back up in the winter so that they plants stay warm and can continue growing.</p><p>It is great to have an enclosed pool that can be used at any time of the year but the do have one downside. During the summer, it is nice to be able to play in the water in the sunlight that warms you and makes the experience better for all involved. These will eliminate that downside. They will enable the pool to be opened up in sunshine or clear weather and closed up when its cold or rainy.</p><p>They would not be very good if they were difficult to use or operate. No one wants to spend a lot of time and energy extending and retracting the roof whenever the need arises. That is why they come with a button that is pushed when you want the roof to move out or in. This makes them easy to change whenever you want or need them to.</p><p>It is nice to have a skylight in your house when you want to see the sky or look outside. They are attractive and appealing features in most houses. The problem they have is that they are always open. It is difficult to put any type of covering on them as they are on the ceiling and it would be too difficult to climb onto the roof to cover them whenever you want them covered. That is where these roofs come in handy. With the push of a button you can cover and uncover them whenever you want to.Retractable roofs whenever they are considering replacing or renovating their existing roof. These are so versatile that they can be used in nearly every house and the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages of them. Hopefully, this article will give you the information you need to make an informed decision.…</p>

Traveling Physical Therapist Jobs & You

<p>Traveling Physical Therapist Jobs & You</p><p><img decoding="async" class='wp-post-image' style='float:left;margin-right:10px;' src="" width="678px" alt=""/>When you, a trained and licensed or certified physical therapist are sitting in the sweltering humidity of a New York City summer, or freezing in sub zero temperatures in Alaska, and it is not even winter yet, may start turning the pages of a travel magazine in the waiting room of the hospital where you work full time or spend your evenings relaxing by goggling all the different destinations that you had dreamed of exploring; start considering traveling physical therapy jobs.</p><p>Travel</p><p>A job pays the immediate bills, but it may not give you the latitude to play with sea lions in Hawaii, surf at the Big Sur, rock climbing in the Rockies, or even skiing in Vermont. Traveling physical therapist jobs afford you the rare opportunity to experience all the exciting and diverse regions of the United States. If you are a fan of warmth, sunshine, and the Gulf of Mexico, choose traveling physical therapist jobs in Brownsville, Texas just a few miles away from the resort island of South Padre or St. Pete in Florida.</p><p>Pay</p><p>These jobs have extremely enticing and competitive compensation packages. In the words of other physical therapists, the pay is great. Not only is the salary great, but you also receive full health benefits. You are filling a great need for companies and they are very willing to pay for your skill and experience. Don’t settle for anything less than an attractive relocation and travel stipend, full corporate housing, and at least a 401k plan.</p><p>If San Andreas, California is calling, say yes and apply right now for one of the traveling physical therapist jobs and trade in your day to day and humdrum life for new vistas, and beautiful housing – and get paid to do it. This is how to take a paid vacation. The wages offered by traveling physical therapist jobs surpass regular full time positions and can take you on the dream journeys you thought had passed you by.</p><p>Apply</p><p>Applying for traveling physical therapist jobs is quite simple and easy. In fact, for some companies, all you have to do is go to their web site and fill out their application on line. This is the quickest way to submit your application with a skills check list so that right away the company can see which of the traveling physical therapist jobs you best suit. There is no obligation when you submit your application; you simply put yourself in line for a dream job.</p><p>Choose</p><p>You can choose any of the traveling physical therapist jobs that your qualifications match. Once you have been accepted, a portfolio will be assembled of the different clients who are looking for someone just like you. You choose which of the list you are interested in interviewing and then get on the phone to discuss the facilities and all the important details.…</p>

Green Traveling Around the World Series – Ribe, Denmark

<p>Green Traveling Around the World Series – Ribe, Denmark</p><p><img decoding="async" class='wp-post-image' style='float:left;margin-right:10px;' src="" width="676px" alt=""/>Denmark’s oldest town is an actively green community. From alternative energy sources to organic dining, you can have a wonderfully green vacation in Ribe, Denmark.</p><p>The oldest city in Denmark isn’t stuck in the past. Ribe, Denmark, may have the trappings of the eighth century, but attention to the environment brings them from the past into the future.</p><p>From lodgings to restaurants to activities, you’ll find Ribe is more than just another old city. This Viking town’s full of educational attractions, and it has green lodgings and food that help take the guilt out of traveling.</p><p>When you are ready to venture out for lunch or dinner, take your green standards with you. One great thing about Denmark in general is that restaurants use local produce and meats in their menus. Whether organic or not, this may vary depending upon the restaurant, but you will largely find that Ribe and the surrounding areas offer sustainable foods that you’ll enjoy.</p><p>Some restaurants that you will want to consider are Restaurant Klammerslusen, Restaurant Backhaus, Weis Stue, and PostGarden. Delight in the various food choices available in and around Ribe that are filling, sustainable, and delicious, giving you the energy for all of the activities you will want to partake in.</p><p>What should you do in Ribe? There is more than enough to keep you busy and satisfied during your visit. The most obvious activity is visiting the historical locations in this old city, but there is a lot more to do. The Town Market in Ribe is a great activity for the entire family. Held every Wednesday from May to September, you’ll find unique specialty items not to be found anywhere else in the world, like local arts and crafts.</p><p>If you have children, let them visit the children’s area where children buy and sell toys and books. Numerous outdoor activities are available like cycling, boating, fishing, and swimming, allowing you to find the perfect activity.</p><p>Denmark’s oldest Viking town is not stuck in the past. It is full of fun and exciting activities that you can enjoy apart from looking at old buildings, churches and monasteries. It offers eco-friendliness as well, which makes it an ideal destination for those of us who appreciate green initiatives when we travel.</p><p>Whether you are making your way around the world or just want to check out Denmark and all that it offers, you will find that Ribe is an excellent place to visit.…</p>

Travel to Popular National Parks of India to Spot Flurry of Flora and Fauna

<p>Travel to Popular National Parks of India to Spot Flurry of Flora and Fauna</p><p><img decoding="async" class='wp-post-image' style='float:left;margin-right:10px;' src="" width="677px" alt=""/>The diverse topography and varied climate of India make it home of abundance of flora and fauna. The presence of mountain, desert, wet land, coastal plain, hill stations and other topographic form make India very rich in wildlife. All types of species can be found in India. Wildlife lovers and nature lovers visit India from different parts of world. To tenderly nourish exotic wildlife species India is provided with many national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, bird sanctuaries, biosphere and other protected areas. Tourists visit these wildlife rich places to observe bouncy species.</p><p>If you want to observe flurry of flora and fauna in their natural setting then visit popular wilderness of the country. Tourists generally visit popular national parks of the country during India wildlife tours. Jim Corbett Park is very wildlife destination in the country. It is positioned in Nainital district of Uttarakhand. It is very large in term of area and hold high density of tiger population. It is one of the much visited wildlife destination being the oldest national park of India. Tiger is the essence of India jungles. Popular parks where you can easily spot tigers are Ranthambhore, Kaziranga, Kanha and Bandhavgarh National Parks. According latest survey Kaziranga Park is known to possess highest density of tiger population in the country. This park is also famous for one-horned rhinoceros, elephant and wild buffalo. The park has verdant vegetation and is natural habitat of many wildlife species.</p><p>Kanha Park is noted to be most beautiful national park of India. The verdant forest, bubbly fauna and chirping birds of the park inspired Rudyard Kipling to produce masterpiece novel “Jungle Book”. Therefore, it is worth visiting game park in India. Wildlife lovers can also enjoy the fun of safari tour in the jungles. Elephant safari, jeep safari and tiger safari are very popular among wildlife enthusiasts. Ranthambhore and Jim Corbett are ideal destinations for tiger safari. Kaziranga and Periyar Parks are ideal for elephant safari. Periyar Park is one of the famous coastal India national park. People can also enjoy birding and boating experiences in this park. Manas Park is a famous national park of eastern India and is frequently visited by the wildlife tourists. If you really want to spot and observe the exotic flora and fauna then visit all these destinations during wildlife tour India. You can also select tour package to wander in the wilderness of India.…</p>

Historic Living

<p>Historic Living</p><p><img decoding="async" class='wp-post-image' style='float:left;margin-right:10px;' src="" width="674px" alt=""/>About a year ago I was lucky enough to land a job in the Marketing Department of one of Williamsburg’s major amusement parks. Though I was ecstatic, I was also a little bummed about leaving the beach. I was born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA. Though Williamsburg, VA. is also a vacation spot, it’s not known for it’s fast paced night life or beautiful beaches. I’ve always thought of Williamsburg as the place our public schools took us to for boring field trips. I couldn’t have been more wrong.</p><p>My first priority was to find a way to get myself excited about making the move, something more than a paycheck, that is. I found a ton of things online. A common theme I saw was that I could do the same types of things I did at the beach but on a more intimate scale. The added bonus was that I would also have so much more at my fingertips. In Virginia Beach, you either sit on the beach or hit the clubs and restaurants. Not the case in Williamsburg. There’s a ferry, there is the Jamestown settlement, there is the William and Mary campus and all the unique little shops that surround it, college campus means college students, where there are college students there is a decent night life. There’s Busch Gardens Europe, Water Country USA, and all kinds of historic plantations. Getting psyched about the move…check!</p><p>My second priority was to find a place to live. I’d lived in a house for the past four years and knew it would take some time to find a suitable home to purchase in Williamsburg. Time was not on my side so I made the decision to start out in an apartment and then start looking for a house, within the year. At the time I worked for a company that participated in a program called “Best Of”. Basically, the community submits votes for the “Best Of” everything, best of ice cream shop, best of dry cleaners, best of grocery store and so on. I found a “Best Of” apartment in Williamsburg. Bingo!</p><p>Moving day came and I moved into my two story, 3 bedroom, apartment. It is absolutely beautiful and the rich historic living I have come to know, suits me in a way that beach living never could. It’s definitely taught me to enjoy the finer things that life has to offer. Now my lease is about to end and I haven’t moved any further on purchasing a home and you know what? I almost don’t want to leave my apartment. It’s perfect! I have all the luxuries of a house and no yard work! Either way, one thing is for beach girl now has a historic side!…</p>

Worlds Voted Best Theme Park

<p>Worlds Voted Best Theme Park</p><p><img decoding="async" class='wp-post-image' style='float:left;margin-right:10px;' src="" width="670px" alt=""/>If you ask an average European, ‘What do you think is the best theme park in the world?’ you may get many answers claiming Disney maintains the top spot. However if you ask an average American you may get a different, surprising answer.</p><p>Universal Island of Adventure in Orlando and Tampa Bay’s Busch Gardens have both secured the top spot according to recent polls this year, knocking of the reigning champion, Disney California Adventure. What’s the reason for this park’s sudden rise to claim the top spot?</p><p>Universal’s new attraction, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter continues to be a roaring success, especially with the American audiences, who can’t get enough of the franchise, seeking their own experience of Hogwarts and Diagon Alley. Guests can see the Hogwart’s Express pulling into the station at Hogsmead or take the Dragon Challenge aboard a thrilling rollercoaster.</p><p>Busch Gardens, also located in Florida, have had a very timely arrival to the top spot as the world’s best theme park. Their latest rollercoaster, Cheetah Hunt, opened earlier in 2011 and has been received well by ride enthusiasts. This new ride boasts a 4,429 foot long track reaching speeds of 45mph, weaving through tunnels and valleys. Not only will this satisfy the adrenaline junkies, but you can also come face to face with wild animals such as lions, rhinos and giraffes.</p><p>The polls also revealed the best theme park attraction this year and again, the result may surprise people as it’s not a rollercoaster. Disneyland opened Star Tours: The Adventure Continues at Disney’s Hollywood Studios this summer. This new ride is a revamp on the old Star Tours, which took guests through the universal of Star Wars, experiencing well known space battles from the movies. The new version of the ride has been converted to 3D and takes to various locations each time you ride, meaning the last experience won’t be the same as the last.</p><p>This year has shown a good round up of the best theme parks and attractions and once again Florida is the epicentre of this, encouraging more people to get their Orlando tickets for this summer and 2012.</p><p>However, this isn’t the first time Universal Island of Adventure has been nominated as the best theme park in the world. The park also won this achievement in 2002, 2003 and 2004 consecutively with the best voted attraction ‘The amazing Adventures of Spider-Man’ for the same years.…</p>

Wholesale Pandemonium, In A Good Way, In Wisconsin Dells With 2012 New Attractions Unveiled

<p>Wholesale Pandemonium, In A Good Way, In Wisconsin Dells With 2012 New Attractions Unveiled</p><p><img decoding="async" class='wp-post-image' style='float:left;margin-right:10px;' src="" width="677px" alt=""/>Every January in Wisconsin Dells, Wis., the resort community better known as “The Waterpark Capital of the World!A�”, there is a little tradition the local visitor bureau likes to call the official release of what’s new for the coming year. Given everything that’s debuting in the Dells for 2012, frankly it might have been easier to chronicle what’s not new. But, in the spirit of keeping the tradition alive, here is a rundown of new Wisconsin Dells waterpark rides and new Wisconsin Dells attractions for the new year.</p><p>Big Waterpark News</p><p>Starting outdoors, Noah’s Ark Waterpark, America’s Largest Waterpark, is debuting Quadzilla, a $1 million family mat racer slide that stands 47 feet tall, with lanes that run 323 feet long. How can that be, you ask? Because the four slides making up this ride are literally braided and twisted together, a first-of-its-kind for this community. Riders will plunge head first on Quadzilla, reaching top speeds of just over 20 mph. If you do the math, that’s 24 seconds from top to bottom. The lanes start out enclosed, but as you race to the bottom, they become open lanes so you can see who’s winning in the side-by-side competition. As you crest over vertical curves and gain even more speed toward the bottom, be prepared to experience a feeling of weightlessness.</p><p>At Kalahari Waterpark Resort Convention Center, they’ve literally raised the roof to install two indoor Super Loop waterslides, the first of their kind in the world, the Sahara Sidewinders. These slides stand 65 feet tall, which meant extending a section of the roof to accommodate the added height. You’ll even be able to see the top of these slides from the interstate. Riders will step into the slide and brace themselves as a trapdoor opens below their feet, sending them rocketing at speeds up to 25 mph. Kalahari also installed an additional free fall slide for the really adventurous called the Screaming Hyena. While the new slides will be a hit with tweens and teens, the toddlers have not been left out, as the resort has opened a new kid’s play zone called Tiko’s Watering Hole, with more than a dozen kiddie slides and interactive African animal figures – think grey-crowned cranes doubling as squirt guns. A rain tree gushes water as if it’s raining for added squeals.</p><p>Heading back outside, the Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort is adding two new water tube-style slides, one that loops and one that jettisons riders straight down, both with trap doors to get the free fall started. Riders can reach speeds up to 40 mph thanks to maximum G force. Both of these behemoths will be in the Glacier Canyon Lodge section of the sprawling resort, the country’s largest combo indoor/outdoor waterpark property.</p><p>Over at Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Parks, their archeological crew has “excavated” the $3 million Lost City of Atlantis, a gigantic outdoor water fortress that covers over three acres. This new archeological find will be easy to spot at a whopping six stories tall. Tailored for all age groups, the Lost City of Atlantis will feature a monster dump bucket and seven water slides including a bowl ride, boomerang slide, family tube slide, kids’ water slides and a geyser blasting water over 160 feet. </p><p>The new splash pad at Sherwood Forest Camping & RV Park proves waterpark fun doesn’t have to be limited to just waterpark resorts. This zero-depth attraction is festooned with rainbow water arches, squirt cannons and geysers.</p><p>New Ways to Be Entertained</p><p>There is a really nice variety of new indoor attractions this year starting with Wild Fun Zone, located downtown Dells and offering indoor bumper cars with spinning action, 3-D black light mini golf, a laser tag arena that takes the shape of a space cave, virtual roller coaster ride and mega arcade. Look for the huge gorilla on the top of the building to find this place.</p><p>Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum has added a “shrunken head alley” featuring a half-dozen actual shrunken heads. Next door at Wizard Quest, a new character by the name of Professor Oodlesmack has been added to the quest displays. His eccentric hobby is creating new flavors of popcorn, so naturally there is an Oodlesmack Popcorn counter attached to Wizard Quest, with more than 40 different gourmet flavors. Plus, the Dells 4D Special FX Theater, on the same block, has two new films this year that will make you feel like you’re in the movie.</p><p>There’s just something about oversized gadgets that gets kids, and adults, engaged. At the Tommy Bartlett Exploratory – Interactive Science Center, you can lift a 3,000 pound car off the ground using an oversized lever. This new hands-on …</p>