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Green Traveling Around the World Series – Ribe, Denmark

By Suzana Mar27,2022

Green Traveling Around the World Series – Ribe, Denmark

Denmark’s oldest town is an actively green community. From alternative energy sources to organic dining, you can have a wonderfully green vacation in Ribe, Denmark.

The oldest city in Denmark isn’t stuck in the past. Ribe, Denmark, may have the trappings of the eighth century, but attention to the environment brings them from the past into the future.

From lodgings to restaurants to activities, you’ll find Ribe is more than just another old city. This Viking town’s full of educational attractions, and it has green lodgings and food that help take the guilt out of traveling.

When you are ready to venture out for lunch or dinner, take your green standards with you. One great thing about Denmark in general is that restaurants use local produce and meats in their menus. Whether organic or not, this may vary depending upon the restaurant, but you will largely find that Ribe and the surrounding areas offer sustainable foods that you’ll enjoy.

Some restaurants that you will want to consider are Restaurant Klammerslusen, Restaurant Backhaus, Weis Stue, and PostGarden. Delight in the various food choices available in and around Ribe that are filling, sustainable, and delicious, giving you the energy for all of the activities you will want to partake in.

What should you do in Ribe? There is more than enough to keep you busy and satisfied during your visit. The most obvious activity is visiting the historical locations in this old city, but there is a lot more to do. The Town Market in Ribe is a great activity for the entire family. Held every Wednesday from May to September, you’ll find unique specialty items not to be found anywhere else in the world, like local arts and crafts.

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If you have children, let them visit the children’s area where children buy and sell toys and books. Numerous outdoor activities are available like cycling, boating, fishing, and swimming, allowing you to find the perfect activity.

Denmark’s oldest Viking town is not stuck in the past. It is full of fun and exciting activities that you can enjoy apart from looking at old buildings, churches and monasteries. It offers eco-friendliness as well, which makes it an ideal destination for those of us who appreciate green initiatives when we travel.

Whether you are making your way around the world or just want to check out Denmark and all that it offers, you will find that Ribe is an excellent place to visit.

By Suzana

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