Travel Light – How to Survive It

<p>Travel Light – How to Survive It</p><p><img decoding="async" class='wp-post-image' style='float:left;margin-right:10px;' src="" width="678px" alt=""/>When we think of traveling, most of us envisage a week of pulling things out of shelves and dumping them into the luggage. And then spend the next three hours if you need them, taking them out and putting them back into the shelves only to put them back into the luggage the next day. Repeat cycle.</p><p>The thing about traveling is that we think we need to bring everything that we need for every single day that we are there. If we are going to Boston for five days, we need to bring ample supply of clothes for five whole days. We forget that there are stores and malls in Boston and they most probably have something in your size…believe it or not.</p><p>Budget traveling? Fine. Make allowance for small purchases and when it comes to clothes, you either buy new emergency ones in the city that you are visiting (good as a memento, we say) or use the laundry or self-cleaning services that are available in the city. Pre-plan your activities so that even if you are not completely sure where you will be at at most hours during your travel, at the very least you have a vague idea.</p><p>Knowing what you are going to be doing when traveling gives you a little bit of time and space to get your stuff in, you know what you need to get, when you need it.</p><p>Stressing and getting anxious over minor things like DVD player when you are bored, books to bring, how to keep your crystals (yes, some people never leave home with them) safe from thieves and also your preferred 3-in-1 coffee can drive you nuts. Don’t. Just let them be. Traveling is a time to have a little bit of fun. Time to throw caution to the wind. And let be. You will not die from drinking another brand of coffee and maybe there is reading material in the hotel lobby that you can make use of, don’t sweat the small stuff because if you do, you will be ruining a potentially care-free trip to the city of your choice.</p><p>Travel light, and let everything else fall into they often do all by themselves.…</p>

Why Does Any Sane Person Travel Abroad?

<p>Why Does Any Sane Person Travel Abroad?</p><p><img decoding="async" class='wp-post-image' style='float:left;margin-right:10px;' src="" width="675px" alt=""/>Traveling abroad can be a stressful, whether it is for business or for your holidays and it would be wonderful if we could avoid having to park the car, carry bags onto the transfer bus; queue at check in followed by more queuing and a possible body search at security before making the departure lounge. You will then sit around here for another hour or so and spend money on a meal or other items that cost twice as much as it would back home. You will then be asked to file down to a departure gate for more sitting about then queue again to board the plane.</p><p>Once aboard you can finally relax with a stiff drink, unless of course you have young children, where the more responsible parents will then spend the majority of the flight trying to entertain them so as not to annoy other passengers. If you have no children, you just hope you will not be sitting near any and be surrounded by people who are fairly normal and relatively sober.</p><p>I have nothing against children and have taken our son abroad since he was a baby and on more than one occasion spent what seemed like hours in turn with my wife walking up and down the plane, as he screamed for no apparent reason. I felt it best to move along the plane to give the people near us some respite.</p><p>I once returned from a flight from Tenerife when one poor baby screamed from the moment he or she came onto the plane to leaving. His mum and dad were quite a young couple but looked middle aged when they left, apologizing profusely to everyone for the noise. Everyone was very sympathetic and said it could not be helped, but I did notice they had all bought ear phones. My friend was directly, behind them and joked that if the plane went down it would just be his luck to end up in the same lifeboat.</p><p>Then queue to leave the aircraft and the same to go through passport control and then stand your ground shoulder to shoulder with other passengers to retrieve your baggage from the carousel and then make your way outside onto your bus to the accommodation. If you are travelling independently, you then get in a queue for your hire car and hope that everything previously agreed will be the same and there are no extras.</p><p>Then off to the accommodation and the stress levels start to come down as you can nearly taste the cold beer and see the sea shimmering in the distance. Just one more chink in the chain, please let the hotel or apartment be on the flat within the stated 15 minutes to the beach and shops and located in the promised quiet part of town and I have cracked it.</p><p>Whilst writing this article, I wondered why I still travel abroad at all, until I remembered one fatal year well before the increased security measures were introduced, when I declared we were going to take our main summer holiday in Cornwall. Off we set one beautiful July morning in our own car, stopping when we wanted to with no reliance on any third parties; it was a truly liberating feeling.</p><p>It then rained without stopping for the next 14 days and I have never spent such a miserable time driving miles, looking for internal venues for entertainment. Not only was this eagerly looked forward holiday a nightmare, it was one of the most expensive.</p><p>The sun and the sea are free and you can spend many a happy hour simply reading or people watching as the sun gently warms your bones. More importantly, my living depends on you continuing to enjoy the sounds and smells that only a foreign holiday can provide. Remember last July was the second wettest in the UK since records began and I need you to remember all those scenes of flooded caravan sites and coastal beeches completely empty, as the rain hammered down.…</p>

Leaders in Sport Event at La Manga Club Spain

<p>Leaders in Sport Event at La Manga Club Spain</p><p><img decoding="async" class='wp-post-image' style='float:left;margin-right:10px;' src="" width="678px" alt=""/>The second Leaders in Sport event will take place at La Manga Club Spain from the 27th-29th March. 100 CEOs and top-level executives will attend the five star resort for round-table discussions and networking as well as looking over theA�fantastic leisure facilities.</p><p>British sport will be represented by the English, Scottish and Welsh Football Associations, the British Olympic Association, Arsenal FC, Celtic FC, London Wasps RFC and Derbyshire CCC.</p><p>Also attending will be the French Ligue de Football Professionel, Inter Milan FC and the National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball from America.</p><p>Covering more than 1400 acres, La Manga Club is situated about an hour from Alicante and just 20 minutes from Murcia. This sports and leisure paradise offers guests a prestigious five star hotel, luxury vacation apartments, three championship golf courses, a tennis centre with 28 courts, eight grass sports pitches and a number of leisure facilities including La Manga Spa Club with 13 treatment rooms, a fitness centre and indoor swimming pool. La Manga also offers meeting and banqueting facilities and more than 20 restaurants and bars.</p><p>La Manga has hosted Davis and Fed Cup tennis matches, the Spanish Open Golf Championship and is used as a training facility by professional and international football, rugby and cricket clubs.</p><p>As a long supporter of women’s golf La Manga Club hopes to bring the 2015 Solheim Cup to Spain. It is currently the official overseas resort partner of the English Women’s Golf Association, hosts the Ladies European Tour (LET) Qualifying School and is the venue for the Ladies Murcia Open.</p><p>Sitting between the low hills that seperate the Mediterranean from the Mar Menor Sea this member of the luxury Preferred Hotel Group is the ideal location for sports enthusiasts on their direct holidays.</p><p>Enjoying a mild all year round climate and the best there is in sports and leisure facilities, La Manga Club is the place to be. Watch out for the many travel deals to Spain that are available throughout the internet.…</p>

Advantages of Traveling Light

<p>Advantages of Traveling Light</p><p><img decoding="async" class='wp-post-image' style='float:left;margin-right:10px;' src="" width="676px" alt=""/>Most people travel with a lot of baggage. That baggage is also known as luggage. Instead of enjoying their trip, they become worried about the things they have brought with them. It is very difficult to enjoy a vacation when one must constantly baby-sit their baggage.</p><p>Rather than travel with baggage, take a load off your mind and travel as light as possible. Gather together the things you think you will absolutely need for your trip, then cut it to half. All you really need to travel are your documents, money and the clothes on your back (and sometimes personal items like eye contacts or medication). If you later find that you need something you did not bring with you, then just buy it.</p><p>When you travel light you won’t have to worry about all of those “important” things. No more baby-sitting, or being constantly worried about loss or theft. You’ll also be less likely to be a target of thieves as you won’t be carrying much of value, so your safety is increased as well.</p><p>With a small backpack or bag it is much easier to get around. When an opportunity presents itself you can hop on that bus, go on that date or ride a camel to ancient ruins without being restricted by material items. If you want to stay somewhere, you can. If you want to leave, then leave.</p><p>Another one of the advantages of traveling light is that your travel expenses go down. No longer will you be charged check in baggage fees from the airlines, or be prompted to give tips to porters. You can take the bus instead of a cab.</p><p>Imagine going on your next vacation and actually enjoying it in a relaxed, worry-free state of mind. With less things you’ll enjoy the moment, in the moment, and experience a freedom otherwise impossible.…</p>

A Highlight Of Some Great Camping Locations In Florida

<p>A Highlight Of Some Great Camping Locations In Florida</p><p><img decoding="async" class='wp-post-image' style='float:left;margin-right:10px;' src="" width="672px" alt=""/>With in excess of 158 state parks, Florida camping involves a wide array of activities and choices. This involves everything from sport fishing to river rafting, horseback riding, beach vacations and water or theme parks. Actually, six of the top beaches in America can be found around Florida state parks.</p><p>It will be hard to decide on park for camping in Florida without thinking about personal preferences and choices. For instance, Suwannee is renowned for a typical camping experience which includes fishing, boating, canoeing, kayaking and also house boating. In addition to nature trails that will take you through verdant tropical splendor of the wildlife sanctuary.</p><p>A massive amount of families visits this destination to enjoy the theme park attractions in Central Florida, Kissimmee and Orlando. The preferred camping choice for most visitors is the Disney Fort Wilderness, which offers state-of-the-art facilities with water and electrical connections and many amenities to satisfy the needs of families with children.</p><p>Another favorite in Florida would be the multitude of stunning white sand beaches. There are many camping spots offered on these pristine beaches in which a beach holiday at a resort could be accompanied or perhaps supplanted with a camping excursion along the beach. The two popular options are Cayo Costa Island Park close to North Fort Myers and Bahia Honda State Park found in the Florida Keys.</p><p>Fort Myers is also one of the places offering unique activities for visitors. It’s not only about boating or the Waterway, but also offers camping experience from the Peanut Island at Palm Beach to many beautiful resort islands such as Captiva and Sanibel.</p><p>Since this is a Sunshine State, the state parks are available 365 days each year. Many parks are open as early as eight in the morning until its dark. Individuals interested in outdoor camping can make their reservations as much as eleven months ahead of time. It’s also possible to arrange camp at a camping area based mostly on a first come, first serve process.…</p>

Traveling Light

<p>Traveling Light</p><p><img decoding="async" class='wp-post-image' style='float:left;margin-right:10px;' src="" width="670px" alt=""/>Tips for Traveling Light</p><p>Don’t you hate lugging behind all that heavy luggage when traveling? Most people pack entirely too much when traveling. People vow to never pack that much again, yet year after year they find themselves struggling with heavy burdensome baggage. If you are interested in learning how to travel light and still have plenty to wear, Travel To Go is pleased to give you a few tips on what to include, what to leave out and how to make your trip easier than ever this year.</p><p>-Wear your heaviest pair of shoes and if traveling in winter time be sure to wear multiple layers using the heaviest and bulkiest items you are bringing on your trip.</p><p>-Get travel sized toiletries or better yet purchase containers made for travel and fill them with your favorite toilet items to save you money.</p><p>-Take the time to organize things on your bed before packing everything into your suitcases. This way you can avoid packing too many of one particular item by mistake.</p><p>-Only pack 2 pairs of shoes. Wear your bulkiest heaviest pair and pack the other.</p><p>-Downsize the quantity of items you pack. You probably do not need 4 travel books, 6 maps, 2 pairs of binoculars, etc.</p><p>-Eliminate any items that are provided at your destination. Call ahead and verify what exactly is offered by your accommodation and tour operator.</p><p>-Pack items in plastic bags making sure to remove excess air. 2-gallon zip lock bags are great for this and can greatly reduce the volume of the items you are packing often times allowing you to use carry-on luggage for shorter trips and smaller suitcases for longer trips.</p><p>-When selecting clothing items pick colors that easily mix and match so you can pack fewer items and less accessories.</p><p>-Plan on doing laundry while on vacation. Most travel destinations offer laundry services. Pack one pair of pants (or skirt) for every 2 days of travel, one shirt per day, 2 formal or evening wear items and pack about half the undergarments you need. By planning on doing laundry once per week, you will have less luggage, more room for other items and will not feel inconvenienced in any way.</p><p>-Pack a carry-on bag which will allow you to pack your other items in a smaller, lighter suitcase.…</p>

Siam Park Water Kingdom, Tenerife

<p>Siam Park Water Kingdom, Tenerife</p><p><img decoding="async" class='wp-post-image' style='float:left;margin-right:10px;' src="" width="672px" alt=""/>A great day out for all the family when visiting Tenerife is the Siam Park Water Kingdom which is based on the ancient kingdom of Thailand. Opened in 2008, Siam Park is a fantastic theme park with great water attractions and is located in Playa de las Americas on the island of Tenerife. The park has a magnificent wave pool where the waves reach heights of over 3ft enabling you to ride the surf. The pool also has a lovely sandy beach with the water temperature at 24C.</p><p>Siam Beach offers wonderful views of the Atlantic Ocean and the island of La Gomera. Here you will find The Beach Bar where you can enjoy a refreshing drink on the terrace and The Beach Club which offers a buffet with international cusine which you can eat on the terrace or on the beach.</p><p>The park has the Billabong Surf Shop and a floating market, built on a Thai Village theme, where you can enjoy a Thai massage and purchase souvenirs, refreshments, sun lotion, swimming attire and much much more.</p><p>ATTRACTIONS</p><p>The Tower of Power</p><p>In my opinion this is the best and most terrifying attraction here. After climbing to the top of the tower you plunge 92ft into an aquarium! A must for the thrill seekers.</p><p>The Dragon</p><p>Seated in a raft for up to 3 people, you will experience zero gravity when the raft enters a giant cone, spinning round and round until it is washed along to the end of the ride.</p><p>Mekong Rapids</p><p>This is a mad ride for all the family in family sized rafts along the rapids.</p><p>Naga Racer</p><p>Comprising of 6 lanes of running water, this is where all the family can grab a mat and have a race down to the bottom of the snakes.</p><p>Jungle Snakes</p><p>This consists of four entwinned snakes where you take a fast ride on a raft that slips and slides on the water through a mythical jungle.</p><p>The Giant</p><p>Another very popular ride where you will feel the force of gravity in a powerful twin cyclone.</p><p>The Volcano</p><p>Sitting in a dingy with 3 other people you will be transported through the darkened volcano as if you were caught in the lava flow until you reach the end.</p><p>The Lazy River (Mai Thai River)</p><p>For some relaxation you can take a ride on the long, gentle, lazy river which passes by an aquarium of tropical fish and magnificent waterfalls.</p><p>For younger children and babies there is:</p><p>The Lost City</p><p>The two towers here are joined by bridges, nets and slides where it is safe for younger children to enjoy some adventures and fun. The city also has fountains and waterfalls.</p><p>The Baby Zone</p><p>Tis is a special area with a pool and slides where parents can safely enjoy some fun with their babies.</p><p>This is just one of theA�attractions the whole family will enjoy whilst on their holidays to Tenerife.</p><p>If you are looking for cheap holidays to the Canary Islands, there are always great offers to be had on the internet.…</p>