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Environmentally Friendly Travel Tips

By Suzana Apr15,2022

Environmentally Friendly Travel Tips

Plan your trip to avoid excessive fuel use. If you know what you want to do and see before you go, then there is no need to be driving around aimlessly burning up precious fuel. If possible, use public transport. A more relaxing way to travel in many instances.

Support local businesses. They support their local community, economy and employ local people. If you shop at large shopping centres and chain stores, a large percentage of the profits will not go back into the local economy.

At your accommodation, open the windows or put on a jumper rather than using air conditioners or heaters. Hang up towels to dry rather than having housekeeping supply you with a new towel each day. Turn off all lights and power when leaving your room.

Try and find out if there are any community based activities in which you can participate. For example, local markets, fun runs or even garage sales. All great ways to meet the locals.

Try and engage in low impact activities such as sea kayaking, bush walking and the like rather than activities that require a high degree of power such as jet skis.

Recycle your rubbish. Most accommodation providers have special recycling area or bins. Avoid using plastic bags to carry your shopping.

Observe and protect the native animals and plants. Don’t pick specimens or feed the animals. Incorrect diet can lead to health problems and make them dependent upon humans.

Take care with water and don’t waste any. Where possible reuse it on nearby plants. Use tap water if possible rather than buying water.

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Take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footprints. An old saying but very relevant.

Stay in accommodation that has credentials as being an environmentally friendly establishment. If in holiday parks in NSW, Australia, look for caravan parks that have “Gumnut Awards” which are presented to parks that follow environmentally sustainable practices.

By Suzana

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