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How a Midweek Break Can Be a Real Treat

By Suzana Apr13,2022

How a Midweek Break Can Be a Real Treat

A midweek break can be a real treat. It can feel so good to get away from the usual routine of a regular week. Midweek is also an excellent time to travel. Many attractions, hotels, and flights are much cheaper during the week. One will also enjoy the added benefit of fewer crowds than what there can be on Saturday and Sunday. Midweek breaks Devon style are an exceptional treat.

Devon is an area filled with sandy beaches and fishing villages with well stocked lakes. Travellers can easily find free events and special offers to help keep a visit to Devon within their budget. Tourists can enjoy the wide variety of sports, both in the water and on land.

Devon has 250 miles of coastline waiting to be explored. Some of the best water sports are available here all year long. Activities such as white water rafting, sailing, fishing, and diving can be done in Devon. The diving is excellent with all of the reefs and wrecks to view. The HMS Saylla was pushed off the coast to create an artificial diving reef. Experienced divers can be found on both coasts, and equipment can be rented for use. Hired local divers can show visiting divers the best spots to go. Surfing is also very popular here. Devon has some of the best waves for everyone from the beginners to the pros. Surfing schools with qualified instructors can help people new to the sport get started.

On land there are just as many sports to take part in. There are 3,500 miles of trails going through Devon. There are ones for all levels of hikers to travel on. Each trail offers beautiful scenery. The National Cycle Route also goes through Devon. Choose from a family bike ride, a solo trip, or join an organised party. Horse riding across moorlands, country lanes, and on the beaches is great fun as well. The less adventurous can enjoy the golf and spectator sports in the area.

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Devon is home to a lot of great attractions that the whole family can experience together. Animal lovers will love Pennywell Farm, World of Countrylife, National Marine Aquarium, and Paignton Zoo. History buffs won’t want to miss Bygone Victorian Street, Castle Drogo, and Buckland Abbey.

Midweek breaks Devon style are sure to please any traveller. Spending a few days between Monday and Friday in this area will leave one feeling both rested and revived. A midweek break can be a real treat, and with the reduced weekday rates it won’t ruin a person’s budget.

By Suzana

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