Vacation Packages


Many people may be wondering should I need to plan special vacation packages for holiday abroad? Yes, you should! Going on a holiday to various tourist destinations in the country may have been done often by many people. So, it is good to plan and schedule a vacation trip to a foreign country sometimes. Especially when you have a long enough vacation time. Going on a vacation to other countries you have never gone to will certainly be a pleasant experience. However, planning a vacation to a foreign country will be different than a vacation in the country. There are more things you need and also extra preparation before you go. Many people choose to prepare everything carefully from the beginning. How do you choose the good vacation packages for going abroad? Here are some tips you need to check.

Vacation Packages On The Weekday

So you can get a cheaper price, then we recommend that you try to select a vacation package on the weekday. Avoid going on a holiday on the weekend or a holiday. Normally if you choose a weekday vacation packages, the price offered would be cheaper.

Promo Vacation Packages

Search for the travel agents that provide promo vacation packages. Usually, there are some travel agents that held a special promo. You should be able to find the promo because you will get the cheaper vacation packages. If you happen to meet some travel agents, you can compare it then select the cheapest one. Don’t forget to also compare the service they provide. The professional travel agent will not only offer the attractive tour for a vacation. But they will also have a wide selection of tour with a cheaper price.

Come To Travel Fair

You can come to the travel fair to search for the vacation packages special offer. There, you can find many cheap ticket deals, even the discount hotels abroad. This certainly will make your vacation abroad more efficient. You can choose various destinations with the cheaper flight tickets and hotels. If you already have a plan on going holiday abroad, you should come to the travel fair in advance. You will have more opportunities to see various offers of vacation packages with a variety of interesting destinations.…

Discount Flights


Many people are always targeting on the cheap tickets whenever they want to go traveling. But how to get the discount flights easily? You may need some tips on how to get it. If you managed to get the discount flights, you can use the remaining of your budget for other purposes such as culinary or buy souvenirs.  There are many ways to get the discount flights. Here are some of the ways.

Social Media And Website Promotion

To get the discount flights easily, you need to check on the social media and website promotion from the airline companies. If you have a lot of free time at the Office or when you get on a traffic jam, perhaps you could check the promotion frequently. Don’t just monitor only one airline. You can also observe other airlines to compare and get more opportunities to get the discount flights.

Email Newsletter

The next way to get discount flights easily is by subscribing the newsletter. The newsletter is the primary carrier of media to communicate with its customers. In fact, almost all travel companies also used the same way in providing information, including info on ticket promo. Often, this promo is only promoted via e-mail only.

Travel Fair

The other way to get discount flights is coming to the airlines travel fair. Some airlines often hold the travel fair annually to attract more costumers. Besides the offline travel fair, there is also some online travel fair. Always check the airlines’ website to get the latest information.

Bank Promotion

The travel industry is one of the important partners for the bank, either local banks or foreign banks. If you have a bank account, credit card, or debit card from your bank, make sure you subscribe to the newsletter from the bank. You can also follow the social media accounts. Because sometimes they give interesting promo in cooperation with the airlines.

Flight And Hotel Package

When you are planning to go on traveling and staying at the hotel, you can try to search for a flight ticket and hotel packages. Sometimes some airlines and hotel companies work in cooperation to provide the best service for the customers.…

Travel Guide


If South Korea is one of your dream holiday destinations, you may need to check this travel guide. South Korea has been well-known worldwide since the booming effect of K-Pop and K-Drama. Many tourist attractions were shown in various scenes of K-Drama make many people courious and want to come to the real site. But Korea is not only about the music or film industry. There are many unique cultural places you can visit in Korea. If you are planning to go to Korea especially Seoul for holiday, this travel guide can help you.

Han River

The first travel guide for your Seoul trip is The Han River. Han River is one of the iconic place in Seoul. You can also rent a tour boat and enjoy the view around the river. The operational hours of the boat tours usually start from 11 AM to 10 PM. From the boat you can admire the beauty of Han River, Namsan Tower, Jamsil Sport Complex and various other tourist attractions. Sometimes people rent the boat for the wedding ocassion, anniversary events and also live music.

Presidential Blue House

The next travel guide for Seoul trip is The Presidential Blue House. After enjoying the beauty of the Han River cruise tour, take a look at a complex called the Carousel Presidential Cheong Wa Dae or known as the Blue House. The complex is more beautiful with the view of Mount Bugaksan behind it. Anyone is allowed to take a tour around the presidential Complex Carousel for free. But remember, the Blue House is closed on Sundays, Mondays and national holidays.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

The next travel guide for Seoul trip is Gyeongbokgung Palace. On the second day in Seoul, you can see the Gyeonbokgung Palace which is an icon of Seoul. Compared to the five existing palaces in Seoul, Gyeongbokgung is the most beautiful of all. As in the Blue House, you can also follow a tour of Gyeongbokgung Palace. There are tours every day except Tuesday.

Gwanghamun Square

The next travel guide for Seoul trip is Gwanghamun Square. Seoul also has a square that became the site of numerous political activities and some events. You could see many citizen activities that blend well with the background of Seoul Gyeongbokgung Palace and Mount Bukaksan.


The next travel guide for Seoul trip is Myeongdong. Treat yourself to a shopping spree at the famous Myeongdong district which well known as a Center for shopping. A variety of brands for everyday products can be found here. Come at night to see the festive atmosphere. The streets of Myeong-dong more complete with the a variety of the family restaurant serves a menu of Korea to Western-style and Japanese fast food.


The next travel guide for Seoul trip is Itaewon. Aside Myeongdong, Itaewon is also one of the Seoul shopping centre. The different is Itaewon is a place where almost all tourist from a wide range of countries mingle perfectly.

Namsan Tower

The last travel guide for Seoul trip is Namsan Tower. Enjoy your last day at Seoul by enjoying the beauty of Seoul from the top of Namsan Tower. Climb to the top of a peak in the afternoon to see the sunset and the city lights at night.…

Travel Agencies


Should you contact a travel agency for your holiday? Holiday makes your mind relax and take a short break from your daily routine. Going for a vacation to the new destinations can get you a lot of knowledge end experience that probably you never get before. The other benefit is you may also get a fresh new idea for your works and your business. When you are planning your holiday, sometimes you think which one is better? Do you need a travel agency to plan your holiday or should you plan it all by yourself? Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using a this service for your holiday.

Budget Costs

When you plan your own holiday, it can be cheaper if you choose a very cheap accommodation such as hostel or guesthouse. It also works on the transportation costs. Instead of using private cars, you can save more money by using public transportation. If you want to have a comfortable holiday and get more facilities, using a travel agency’s service could be cheaper. Most of the travel agency already has an agreement or contract to some of the hotels and transportations services. Both of them have different ways of payments. If you contact a travel agency, you will need to pay a down payment in advance before your departure. This will make a travel agency service will look more expensive. Whereas if you go on the vacation on your own, you will only need to spend money on the day you are going.

Time To Go

Going on a holiday by yourself will be more effective if you are planning it abruptly. If you suddenly want to go to other city or going abroad in a week, it will be easier to plan on your own. But if you already plan a family holiday long time before, using this service would be more effective and efficient. The services of travel agency can be adjusted according to your needs. If you are going on holiday abroad with your family, using a travel agency service will give you a lot of conveniences.

Places To Visit

If you are going on a holiday by yourself, you could go to some tourist attraction that doesn’t always visited by the travel agency. You could spend more time at any place you want, such as cafe, restaurants and so on. But by going on a holiday by yourself, you may also go to some unique place that the travel agency has prepared.…

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What to Pack When Traveling Out of the Country

What to Pack When Traveling Out of the Country

When in doubt, leave it out! Commit this to memory! You don’t have to pack your entire closet when you travel out of the country. While you may want to take every toiletry you own, you can buy items in other countries. Believe it or not, you’ll be able to find toothpaste and toothbrushes in other countries. You’ll be able to find articles of clothing as well. If you want to avoid additional charges for your luggage, pack as light as possible. This way, you’ll have extra money to spend on more important items such as food, transportation, and souvenirs.

What to Pack When Traveling Out of the Country

Essential articles of clothing. What part of the year are you traveling? Winter? Spring? Summer? Fall? If you’re traveling during the summer, you don’t need to pack a lot of clothing. If you’re traveling during the winter months, you’ll want to pack a heavy sweater and clothing that can be layered. In fact, you could probably leave the heavy sweater at home and purchase one during your travels. Bring a jacket with you whenever you travel along with a good pair of walking/hiking shoes. You’ll want to pack a pair of dress pants/skirt/dress that doesn’t wrinkle. Pack a couple of shirts that can be layered. You want to pack as light as possible because you could pay extra if your luggage or backpack exceeds the weight limit.

A map. Bring a map with you. This may seem archaic but GPS may not work in some countries. It’s better to bring a good ol’ fashioned map with you.

A compass. Again, GPS may not work in some countries. A compass will guide you in the right direction.

Essential toiletries. Believe it or not, if you travel to the UK, you can purchase toothpaste and other toiletries. You can find just about anything when you travel. Bring the absolute essentials such as contacts and solution and glasses. Bring your favorite shampoo and conditioner. Pack your favorite facial cleanser and makeup remover. Only bring what you may not be able to find in other countries.

A language translator. If you don’t speak the language, it will behoove you to bring a translator that will translate key words and phrases. You’ll be able to converse with the locals, and they’ll appreciate you for trying to speak their language.

A guidebook. You may want to purchase a guidebook if you’re not familiar with the country you’re traveling to. Make sure it’s up-to-date with the latest information about nightlife, popular tourist spots, and other pertinent information.

Copies of your pertinent travel papers. Bring a copy of your passport, driver’s license, credit cards, and travel itinerary. Give copies to your family and or friends.

Essential electronic gadgets. If you must bring your laptop, netbook, iPad, MP3, iPod, cell phone, iPhone, digital camera, or other gadgets, make sure you’re prepared to carry them around. Unless, of course, you lock them up in the hotel’s safe.

Your common sense! You’re a foreigner in a foreign land. The laws and rules of your ‘home’ country won’t transfer to the country you’re traveling to. Make sure you know where to find your country’s embassy (U.S. Embassy) and study the laws. Make sure you’re familiar with territorial boundaries. If you’re unsure, don’t travel by yourself, hire a travel guide.…

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Arenal, Majorca – Resort Guide

Arenal, Majorca – Resort Guide

The lively resort of Arenal is located about 15 minutes from Palma. This Majorcan resort is popular with younger people looking for exciting nightlife and a nice quiet sandy beach to recover on during the day. For the more daring there is a nudist beach at Es Trenc which is just a short distance from Arenal.

Arenal is a purpose built resort and has been developed around a small fishing village. There lots of hotels and apartments here, most of which are near the resort centre and the beach. The golden sandy beach here stretches for more than 3 miles and is backed by beach huts. The main beach here is Playa de Palma and offers very safe swimming conditions, this is a Blue Flag beach. A promenade lined with hotels,restaurants, bars and shops connects Arenal to the resort of C’an Pastille. A mini-train runs along this traffic-free promenade.

There is no end of nightlife here, including clubs featuring international DJ’s, karaoke bars and British style pubs. The numerous restaurants and cafes in the resort offer traditional, international and fast-food.

For the more energetic visitors the resort offers various watersports, mountain-biking and tennis. Watersports on offer include scuba diving, windsurfing, water-skiing, pedaloes and a sailing club. Majorca’s largest waterpark, Aqualand de Arenal, is located here in the resort. The waterpark has more than 20 water attractions, slides, rides and three childrens areas. The resort is home to a fantastic Jurassic Park themed 54 hole mini golf course, Golf Fantasia which is a great hit with all the family.

Arenal enjoys a typically Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters. July and August see temperatures around 26C with up to 11 hours of sunshine a day. During May and June temperatures average around 23C, the coldest month being January when temperatures drop to as low as 8C to 13C. Holiday packages to the beautiful island of Majorca are always available through the internet. When planning your next holiday to Majorca look-out for the many cheap holidays that are available throughout the year.…

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Tips On Flying With an Infant or Toddler

Tips On Flying With an Infant or Toddler

Traveling and especially flying with a little one can be a scary thought! With a little preparation, it won’t be as bad as you think. As a matter of fact, it may even be easier to travel now than you think! Here are a few tips that can help you plan for that upcoming flight.

Buy It When You Get There

No need to pack all the diapers you need for the duration of your trip. Save luggage room, especially now that you have to pay for luggage, and buy diapers, wipes and formula when you get there. Pack enough to last you a couple of days only (in case you get stranded at the airport,esp during the winter) and carry them on with you. Same with other necessary toiletries. Formula is allowed on the plan as long as you let security know that you have it. They will open it up and run some magic wand over it and send you on your way.:) If you carry powdered formula, save a bottled water or two just for making bottles (you will have to purchase these after passing security). If your baby is eating solids, pack a couple of disposable spoons and some instant cereal in a zip-loc bag to get baby through. Any small finger snacks like teething biscuits, goldfish, and cereal will work great for a toddler and give him/her yet another thing to do while sitting. These are easier to pass through security, because it won’t matter if it gets opened.

If you or your baby or toddler needs medication, please be sure to have that on hand in case of emergencies as well.

Extra Clothing

Make sure you bring a couple extra changes of clothes for your baby and maybe even an extra shirt for yourself. Accidents do happen and you will be glad you brought it if you do end up delayed for some reason. Bring your usual burp cloths plus one more.

Bring Toys

Bring a favorite toy and purchasing a couple of new toys can really help keep little ones from getting bored which ultimately ends in fussiness.

Bring the Stroller

Bring a stroller and check it in at the gate. If you are also taking a car seat and checking it in at the gate or using it on the flight, figure out a way to hook the car seat to the stroller using the latch belts or additional rope/string. I usually hook it to the handle of the stroller. You could even use a small bungee cord. Toss any hand carry luggage or purse in the basket at the bottom of the stroller or hang it over the handles. You may also want to buy one of those bright red gate check bags for our strollers. It keeps them clean and the bag folds up really small and hooks to your stroller.

Slip Through Airport Security

Wear snap, Velcro shoes or slip-on shoes if at all possible. Avoid shoes with laces because it slows down the process of getting things back in order. Wear clothing without metal embellishments on it and avoid belt buckles. Do wear clothes or pants with pockets or carry a fanny pack to keep your plane tickets and ID there for easy access when going through security and boarding the flight. Wearing your baby will give you an extra hand when having to put the stroller and all your carry-ons through. You may or may not be asked to remove the baby and put the sling through, but by then all your stuff should be through security.

Strollers and car seats will need to go through the x-ray machines. So be prepared to collapse them and put them through. Many airport in the U.S. have a handicap and family accessible line at security for those within little children, strollers and car seats. Take advantage of it and avoid waiting in long lines.

Get On Last

Flight attendants allow families with little kids to aboard the plane first. We always do the opposite. I let the kids run around or bounce on my lap as long as they can before I confine them to a small space where they have to sit still for long periods of time.

Any Empty Seating?

I recommend if you can at all buying a seat for your child. It helps the infant, esp a toddler to realize that it is a time for being still and entertain him/herself AND it gives mom and/or dad a needed break from a squirming child on their lap. Of course, it really is a safer way to travel in case of turbulence or worse on the plane. If I can not afford at all to buy a seat …

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Difference Between a Plasma TV and LCD TV

Difference Between a Plasma TV and LCD TV

If you have recently started looking for a new TV, you know that choosing the right TV that meets your needs can be a difficult decision. Plasma TV and LCD TV are the two main choices in the TV market. Before you select one of these types of large, slim, and flat display TVs, it is important to understand the difference between the two so you do not regret your purchase.

Plasma TV

Plasma TV technology is loosely based on the fluorescent light bulb. Between the plates of glass there are very small cells where such gases as ionized neon, argon, and xenon are injected and preserved in plasma form. When the ionized (electrically charged) gas is in its sealed plasma form, they produce the colored images green, blue phosphors, and red. When the Plasma TV set is being used, the gas is electrically charged at specific intervals which then hit the colors (each group of red, green, and blue phosphors is called a pixel) and produces the image on the television. Plasma TV technology make use of the burning of phosphors to produce the image. Plasma TV advantages include: high quality image, better contrast ratio, color accuracy, and color saturation, the display of the color black is quite vivid, and viewers are able to clearly view the television image at different angles. Plasma TVs are available in a larger screen size than the LCD TVs. Plasma TV disadvantages include: screen burn of static images, excessive heat production, and the glass screens are fragile.


LCD TVs use different technology than plasma televisions. LCD panels consist of 2 layers of clear material, which are polarized and then ‘glued’ together. One layer has been coated with a specific polymer that holds the individual liquid crystals. An electrical current passes through each crystal which permits the crystals to allow light in or block the light in order to produce and display the television images. LCD crystals require an external light source for the image to be created by the LCD so that it is visible to the person watching the television. LCD TVs are not as good at tracking motion as Plasma. They have poorer contrast ratio and individual pixels can burn out resulting in small, visible, black or white dots to appear on the screen. The big screen sizes are not as common as with the plasma. The advantages of LCD TVs include: less power is needed, less heat is needed and generated, they do not emit radiation, they have increased image brightness over plasma, perform better at higher altitudes, they are lighter in weight, and they have a longer display life.

For many people, it is essential that they have the right television. Today, Plasmas and LCDs are used all over the world When you understand the differences between the LCD TV and Plasma TV which includes the advantages and disadvantages of each one, you will be in a better position to get a TV that meets your personal needs and preferences.…

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RV, Mobile Home and Trailer Parks – What Are Differences and Similarities?

RV, Mobile Home and Trailer Parks – What Are Differences and Similarities?

Before I begin to note similarities and differences, I want to define what mobile home parks, trailer parks and RV Parks. Trailer Parks are a designated area where many trailers are located in a small community. The trailers are a rectangular shape and have smaller front rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate the size. Often, yards are shared, or there are no yards. Mobile Home Parks are a designated small community of mobile homes. Mobile homes are generally wider and feel more like a real home inside, especially if they are a double wide mobile home. They are more square-shaped and the living areas are larger than a trailer. In trailer parks, there are generally only trailers and in mobile home parks, there are usually mostly mobile home parks. RV Parks, however, are intended for RVs.

RVs, or Recreation Vehicles, are a home on wheels. Some RVs are pulled behind another vehicle and some RVs are motorized and are a home and vehicle all in one. Incidentally, there are over 13,000 privately owned RV Parks nationwide and 1,600 state parks in the USA. Cutting right to the chase, there are a few differences and a few similarities. The first difference I see is that RV Parks were intended for short-term stay, while mobile home Parks and trailer parks were intended for long-term stay. Second of all, RV Parks are intended for tourists and Mobile Home/Trailer Parks are intended for locals. As far as similarities go, in some parts of this country, and in Australia, mobile home/RV/trailer parks can be used interchangeably. Another similarity would be many trailers/RVs/ mobile homes in tight quarters. In regards to the amount of time that is usually spent in RV Parks vs. Trailer/Mobile Home Parks. If you’ll notice in RV Parks versus mobile home/trailer parks, there is not a lot fee. There is no point to have a lot fee if the tenants are only staying a few days. However, there is a point to a lot fee if the tenant stays a few years.

Many choose to live in Trailer/Mobile Home Parks because mobile homes and trailers can cost upwards of $10,000 to move and trailers are a similar price (according to my sister who lives in a mobile home). Often, trailers and mobile homes are not easy to sell and not easy to get lending for, which is another reason for tenants to want to stay living there long-term. RVs can be a lot easier to move – often you can unhook your hookups, pay the RV Park fee and be on your way. I’ve never seen an RV Park with a yard, but I’ve seen some trailer/mobile home parks with yards – a sign of permanence right there. After talking with my sister, mobile home/trailer parks don’t mention what to do in the area for fun, which signifies they are intended for locals who already know what is in the area. However, in all of the RV Park websites I’ve been to, activities of nearby are mentioned. Some tourists know activities in the area, but most don’t, so they need all the help they can get. Many RV Parks, or RV Resorts I should say, have more amenities like swimming pools, activities for the kids, etc. Some mobile home parks have similar amenities, but mostly over 55 communities. Some amenities are meant for luring tourists into the RV Parks, that aren’t found in trailer or mobile home parks.

To start with similarities, in France, one cannot stay in either an RV Park or a mobile home/ trailer park for more than three months, even if they own the land. In Australia they are all one and the same and known as “Caravan Parks.” RV Parks, mobile home parks and trailer parks are similar as well in the fact that many people can live in their dwellings in a small amount of space. From the street while driving by, it may even be hard to tell the difference. Also, many places even in USA, trailer parks have RVs, trailers and mobile home parks. Due to lifestyle and financial changes, many are starting to live full-time, whether traveling or not, in RVs. Some stay in RV Parks, but many are choosing to stay in trailer parks. This depends on location, however. Some trailer parks not only house the regular trailers, but also travel trailers and other RVs. However, more and more RV Parks are now including the option of monthly, as well as weekly and daily rates. The monthly rate would be a lot fee, in effect.

So, all in all, mobile home parks, trailer parks and RV parks are family. They may or may not have a lot fee. They …

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RV Parks in Massachusetts

RV Parks in Massachusetts

Massachusetts also known as the common wealth of Massachusetts is a wonderful state in the New England area of northeastern United States of America. Massachusetts is very well known for its amazing campground are RV parks which provides very good facilities to all the people who come here.

So, if you are also planning an RV vacation with your family and friends then Massachusetts is a very good option for you. In this article I would mainly tell you about some very good RV parks and resorts located in this state.

1. Oak Haven Family Campground

This is the perfect destination for camping lovers as here you would be provided excellent setting for a blend of exciting adventures and family bonding. Oak Haven is a really refreshing campground that has something for everyone. This park has spacious sites which offer you privacy and solace. People come here in all the seasons and they are highly pleased with the cleanliness and care that they get here. This place offers to brilliant recreational activities and miles of hiking trails.

2. Peters Pond RV Resort

Peters Pond RV Resort is a wonderful place where you can fully relax with your family and friends. This campground has well planned large sites which are all located near an attractive spring fed lake. Here you can enjoy the calm environment or take part in various activities that are held through out the day. Some of the very good activities that you can indulge in here are hiking, walking, swimming, boating, hiking and biking and every other thing that Cape Cod has to offer.

3. Prospect Lake Park

Prospect Lake Park is the true camping destination that is truly best for all campers. This wooded lake shore park offers you 10 sunny or shaded campsites and wonderful cabins for those people who are not travelling in their RV and do not have any tents. Here you have two exotic swimming beaches, a dock where you can rent boats or fish, a big play ground where you can play volleyball, basketball, tennis and a recreational hall where leisure activities are scheduled everyday.

4. Hidden Valley Campground

Hidden Valley Campground is located in Lanesborough and is very good for all the camping activities. Here you would find a swimming pool, a recreational hall, a playground, big screen TV, Laundromat, wooded and private sites, seasonal spaces and internet facility. It is a wonderful place where you can enjoy a relaxing vacation away from the hectic city life.

Well these are some very good campgrounds which you can easily locate in Massachusetts. I am sure here you would enjoy a pleasurable and pleasant experience.…

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Costa Teguise Water Park

Costa Teguise Water Park

The Costa Teguise water park (Aquapark), is the only attraction of its kind on Lanzarote island. Although smaller than the water parks on the mainland, it is still a great source of fun for families vacationing in Costa Teguise. It features a large assortment of slides and water entertainments to fit all ages, from fast and daring rides to relaxing and peaceful amusements.

There are special areas allocated for young children, such as the Children’s Leisure Park. Here kids can bounce around in soft castles or trampolines. They can also go down slides of all shapes and colors in the Children’s Lake or experience the same kind of thrill as their parents and elder siblings as they take on the low, but daring slides in the Children’s Zone.

Teenagers will get an exhilarating kick out of free falling down the Kamikaze slide. 8 Tracks and Soft Slides features adjacent slides that can be used for teens who would like to indulge in a friendly competition to see who would hit the water first. The Turbolancha (Tubular Slide) and Crazy River ride are also great hits with the older kids.

With the numerous types of slides, chutes, and rides around the water park, children of all ages are sure to find something to entertain themselves. Families and friends looking for a group activity can enjoy a relaxing dip in the crystal clear lakes or duke it out in an all-out water fight at the Water Battle station.

Although the Costa Teguise water park is geared towards children, adults can still join in the fun rides and attractions. There are also several shops, restaurants, and sunbathing areas that parents can patronize while their kids have fun under the trained eyes of the park’s lifeguards and staff.

The Aquapark has had mixed reviews, with some visitors gushing about what a great place it is for a family outing while others complain about it being small, overpriced, and unsafe. A lot depends on the age of the children, as well as the season their parents choose to visit. The unheated pool water may be unappreciated during cool winter days. Likewise, the lack of shade can be very uncomfortable on the hottest summer days – along with the added problem of burning hot tiles that are painful to step on! As with any amusement park, expect crowds and long lines during peak seasons.

Families traveling with small children who do not know how to swim will not be able to fully enjoy all that the water park has to offer, especially since arm bands are not allowed in the slides. Children aged 6 to 8 may find themselves bored with the kiddie attractions, but too small to try out the adult rides. Visitors in these situations will not feel as though they have gotten value for their money and are likely to find the place overpriced.

Despite its share of poor reviews, Aquapark remains one of the more popular attractions in Lanzarote. When in doubt as to whether or not this Costa Teguise water park will be enjoyed by your family, it is always best to a bit of research first. Do not let a few bad reviews turn you away. Find out how many rides and attractions are suited for you and your children. Learn the rules and regulations as well, such as when children can use arm bands or swim rings, or if there is a strict dress code to be followed in the pool areas. Your hotel receptionist should be able to help you gain information or get in contact with the water park staff. Who knows? Aquapark may be just the thing to cap off your family holiday with a big splash!…