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A Highlight Of Some Great Camping Locations In Florida

A Highlight Of Some Great Camping Locations In Florida

With in excess of 158 state parks, Florida camping involves a wide array of activities and choices. This involves everything from sport fishing to river rafting, horseback riding, beach vacations and water or theme parks. Actually, six of the top beaches in America can be found around Florida state parks.

It will be hard to decide on park for camping in Florida without thinking about personal preferences and choices. For instance, Suwannee is renowned for a typical camping experience which includes fishing, boating, canoeing, kayaking and also house boating. In addition to nature trails that will take you through verdant tropical splendor of the wildlife sanctuary.

A massive amount of families visits this destination to enjoy the theme park attractions in Central Florida, Kissimmee and Orlando. The preferred camping choice for most visitors is the Disney Fort Wilderness, which offers state-of-the-art facilities with water and electrical connections and many amenities to satisfy the needs of families with children.

Another favorite in Florida would be the multitude of stunning white sand beaches. There are many camping spots offered on these pristine beaches in which a beach holiday at a resort could be accompanied or perhaps supplanted with a camping excursion along the beach. The two popular options are Cayo Costa Island Park close to North Fort Myers and Bahia Honda State Park found in the Florida Keys.

Fort Myers is also one of the places offering unique activities for visitors. It’s not only about boating or the Waterway, but also offers camping experience from the Peanut Island at Palm Beach to many beautiful resort islands such as Captiva and Sanibel.

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Since this is a Sunshine State, the state parks are available 365 days each year. Many parks are open as early as eight in the morning until its dark. Individuals interested in outdoor camping can make their reservations as much as eleven months ahead of time. It’s also possible to arrange camp at a camping area based mostly on a first come, first serve process.

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