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Traveling Light

By Suzana Apr21,2022

Traveling Light

Tips for Traveling Light

Don’t you hate lugging behind all that heavy luggage when traveling? Most people pack entirely too much when traveling. People vow to never pack that much again, yet year after year they find themselves struggling with heavy burdensome baggage. If you are interested in learning how to travel light and still have plenty to wear, Travel To Go is pleased to give you a few tips on what to include, what to leave out and how to make your trip easier than ever this year.

-Wear your heaviest pair of shoes and if traveling in winter time be sure to wear multiple layers using the heaviest and bulkiest items you are bringing on your trip.

-Get travel sized toiletries or better yet purchase containers made for travel and fill them with your favorite toilet items to save you money.

-Take the time to organize things on your bed before packing everything into your suitcases. This way you can avoid packing too many of one particular item by mistake.

-Only pack 2 pairs of shoes. Wear your bulkiest heaviest pair and pack the other.

-Downsize the quantity of items you pack. You probably do not need 4 travel books, 6 maps, 2 pairs of binoculars, etc.

-Eliminate any items that are provided at your destination. Call ahead and verify what exactly is offered by your accommodation and tour operator.

-Pack items in plastic bags making sure to remove excess air. 2-gallon zip lock bags are great for this and can greatly reduce the volume of the items you are packing often times allowing you to use carry-on luggage for shorter trips and smaller suitcases for longer trips.

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-When selecting clothing items pick colors that easily mix and match so you can pack fewer items and less accessories.

-Plan on doing laundry while on vacation. Most travel destinations offer laundry services. Pack one pair of pants (or skirt) for every 2 days of travel, one shirt per day, 2 formal or evening wear items and pack about half the undergarments you need. By planning on doing laundry once per week, you will have less luggage, more room for other items and will not feel inconvenienced in any way.

-Pack a carry-on bag which will allow you to pack your other items in a smaller, lighter suitcase.

By Suzana

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