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Travel Light – How to Survive It

Travel Light – How to Survive It

When we think of traveling, most of us envisage a week of pulling things out of shelves and dumping them into the luggage. And then spend the next three hours if you need them, taking them out and putting them back into the shelves only to put them back into the luggage the next day. Repeat cycle.

The thing about traveling is that we think we need to bring everything that we need for every single day that we are there. If we are going to Boston for five days, we need to bring ample supply of clothes for five whole days. We forget that there are stores and malls in Boston and they most probably have something in your size…believe it or not.

Budget traveling? Fine. Make allowance for small purchases and when it comes to clothes, you either buy new emergency ones in the city that you are visiting (good as a memento, we say) or use the laundry or self-cleaning services that are available in the city. Pre-plan your activities so that even if you are not completely sure where you will be at at most hours during your travel, at the very least you have a vague idea.

Knowing what you are going to be doing when traveling gives you a little bit of time and space to get your stuff in, you know what you need to get, when you need it.

Stressing and getting anxious over minor things like DVD player when you are bored, books to bring, how to keep your crystals (yes, some people never leave home with them) safe from thieves and also your preferred 3-in-1 coffee can drive you nuts. Don’t. Just let them be. Traveling is a time to have a little bit of fun. Time to throw caution to the wind. And let be. You will not die from drinking another brand of coffee and maybe there is reading material in the hotel lobby that you can make use of, don’t sweat the small stuff because if you do, you will be ruining a potentially care-free trip to the city of your choice.

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Travel light, and let everything else fall into they often do all by themselves.

By Suzana

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