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Tips for Packing Light – The Secrets to Hassle-Free Traveling

By Suzana May2,2022

Tips for Packing Light – The Secrets to Hassle-Free Traveling

There are perhaps loads of tips for packing light. Problem is, among the throngs of strategies for keeping your luggage light, how do you successfully find your way towards a hassle-free travel? Well, a fail-safe way of doing this is to go for the basics. Basics include proper planning, going for the absolute essentials and choosing the good luggage.

Today, it becomes more and more important to pack smart and travel light. First reason for doing so is the cost. Many airlines offer “go light” promos where you pay less than usual if you don’t have a bag checked in.

Yet another reason for you to search for some tips for packing light is comfort.  If you only bring a carry on luggage, you save yourself the trouble of queuing and waiting for your luggage to come out from the carousel. You don’t even need to be part of the long lines for checking in – you can directly go to security.

But is it really possible to travel light? Do all tips for packing light apply to everyone? Let’s take a look at the most applicable packing light and smart strategies.

Checklist It!

The essence of having a packing checklist lies on the fact that you leave very little room for forgetting an essential travel item. Just as long as you have a well-thought-of list, you are sure to never go wrong. You will be ensured of a comfortable travel.

With the travel packing checklist, you don’t have to spend hours thinking about what else you need to bring and what item in your bag needs to be taken out. By simply looking at your list, you get a clear picture of your travel essentials. More importantly, you don’t have to load and unload your bag – you simply have to crash out and change the items in your checklist. Having a checklist is a sweet tip for packing light, right?

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Luggage is the Key

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, sometimes, the very thing that keeps your intention of packing light from becoming a reality is your luggage! There are bags that weigh too much even when still empty. Instead of favoring wheeled-cases, go for square-cornered soft-sided luggage. These heaven-sent bags are more forgiving when stuffed in the overhead lockers of the planes or when placed under your seat.


Well, you don’t really need to do some penance just to reap some success in packing light. Instead, what this tip for packing light means is that you go only for the absolute travel essentials. How do you do this?

First, consider your last trip and recall if you’ve used all the items that were stuffed in your bag. Surely, the answer is NO. People simply need to pack some extra items just to feel comfortable – just to have a back-up plan in case one of their ensembles does not fit right, does not look good on them, or simply if the person doesn’t feel like wearing it. While this is an acceptable case of paranoia, this doesn’t – in any way – help you travel smarter.

These three items are among the many tips for packing light. If you are serious about getting sort of a doctorate degree in packing light, then you can simply browse the internet for more information.  Better yet, if you are a travel buff, you can come up with your own suggestions. Without you knowing it, you will become one of those travel experts whom people search for when looking for some strategies for packing light and smart!

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By Suzana

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