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How To Experience Immeasurable Joy This Summer – British Columbia

By Suzana Apr10,2022

How To Experience Immeasurable Joy This Summer – British Columbia

Indeed variety is the spice of life. It is one which adds flavor to life, as a new experience everyday rejuvenates the body. Why then do you have to spend this summer at home or at places you have been before? Want to spice up your vacations a bit more? Well then, you need not search further; British Columbia is the place to be!

British Columbia is the westernmost of Canada’s provinces and is known for its natural beauty, as reflected in its Latin motto, Splendor sine occasu (“Splendor without Diminishment”). There are 14 designations of parks and protected areas in the province that reflects the different administration and creation of these areas in a modern context. There are 141 ecological Reserves, 35 provincial marine parks, 7 Provincial Heritage Sites, 6 National Historic Sites of Canada, 4 National Parks and 3 National Park Reserves.

Among the best places to visit is Mt. Robson, which creates a fantastic splendor on its snow-capped peaks against the reflection of the summer sunshine. This view is perfectly brought out in the evening hazel as the sun sets and those who have seen it have had the chance to feel nature’s warmth within them, gradually turning it to a must watch.

In British Columbia you will find seven of Canada’s National parks, among them Yoho National parks, kootenay National park and Mount Revelstoke National park famous for its glaciers and extrusive features. Bears of all kinds – Grizzly, black and the Kermode bear (only found in British Columbia) are present here in large numbers, which means next time you get bored of that stuffed bear you can get yourself a view of a real one. Don’t get too close though. Other animals include coyotes, wolves, beavers, cougars etc. and birds ranging from Swans to Robins also abound. Lovers of fishing are not left out as well as schools of salmon, halibut, trout, bass and sturgeon are amply found in these areas, especially the western side due to the Kuro-Siwo current and the discordant shoreline that creates a good breeding place. Fishing is best done in early mornings and evenings.

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In Vancouver and Victoria, opportunities for joggers and bicyclists have been developed. Cross-country bike touring has been popular since the ten-speed bike became available many years ago, with Some of the province’s retired rail beds being converted and maintained for hiking and biking. If interested in something quite different, whitewater rafting and kayaking would leave you immeasurable memories on inland rivers and a little more space on the sea would provide for sea kayaking, sailboarding and sailing. If in a group, a regatta isn’t such a bad idea on an ideal afternoon.

A good day begins in the morning, and when you wake up and decide to pay British Columbia a visit, that will be a good day. In the world of elves, the best closing remark is “farewell wherever you fare,” and so I wish that you fare well in British Columbia, as you enjoy nature to the fullest!

By Suzana

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