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The Best Place to Visit When Traveling Scotland – Pitlochry

By Suzana Apr5,2022

The Best Place to Visit When Traveling Scotland – Pitlochry

Scotland is a big country in terms of its size but rather small in terms of its population (it has only around 5 million). Because there aren’t too many people living there most of it’s landscape is still untouched.

That’s why I would recommend anyone to travel around through Scotland. But as it’s the case in every country there are some places that are more worth visiting then others.

Here I want to share with you the place that is really worth seeing.


This is a small town surrounded by mountains located between Inverness and Perth. It’s a small but nice city. It has everything you need and is definitely worth visiting if you want to get to know the Scottish culture.

The great thing about it is that there aren’t too many people visiting it usually. That means it’s not crowded with tourists and you can see whatever you want to see.

The best place to visit within Pitlochry is the Moulin Inn which is located to the north of Pitlochry. It takes about 10 minutes to get there by foot and you need to see it because it’s one of Scotland’s best pubs.

Another place that is nearby is Queen’s View. Basically it’s a platform from which you have a great view over the landscape. Especially if the weather is good it’s definitely worth visiting.

Also there is a dam nearby and there is a view platform from which you can see salmons that are jumping up the water to get back to the place they were born.

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If you still don’t believe that it’s worth visiting then I have to give you one last reason. The Pitlochry Backpackers hostel. It’s a great hostel and the people are very friendly. Be sure to stop by there if you are traveling to Pitlochry.

By Suzana

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