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Travel to Popular National Parks of India to Spot Flurry of Flora and Fauna

By Suzana Mar25,2022

Travel to Popular National Parks of India to Spot Flurry of Flora and Fauna

The diverse topography and varied climate of India make it home of abundance of flora and fauna. The presence of mountain, desert, wet land, coastal plain, hill stations and other topographic form make India very rich in wildlife. All types of species can be found in India. Wildlife lovers and nature lovers visit India from different parts of world. To tenderly nourish exotic wildlife species India is provided with many national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, bird sanctuaries, biosphere and other protected areas. Tourists visit these wildlife rich places to observe bouncy species.

If you want to observe flurry of flora and fauna in their natural setting then visit popular wilderness of the country. Tourists generally visit popular national parks of the country during India wildlife tours. Jim Corbett Park is very wildlife destination in the country. It is positioned in Nainital district of Uttarakhand. It is very large in term of area and hold high density of tiger population. It is one of the much visited wildlife destination being the oldest national park of India. Tiger is the essence of India jungles. Popular parks where you can easily spot tigers are Ranthambhore, Kaziranga, Kanha and Bandhavgarh National Parks. According latest survey Kaziranga Park is known to possess highest density of tiger population in the country. This park is also famous for one-horned rhinoceros, elephant and wild buffalo. The park has verdant vegetation and is natural habitat of many wildlife species.

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Kanha Park is noted to be most beautiful national park of India. The verdant forest, bubbly fauna and chirping birds of the park inspired Rudyard Kipling to produce masterpiece novel “Jungle Book”. Therefore, it is worth visiting game park in India. Wildlife lovers can also enjoy the fun of safari tour in the jungles. Elephant safari, jeep safari and tiger safari are very popular among wildlife enthusiasts. Ranthambhore and Jim Corbett are ideal destinations for tiger safari. Kaziranga and Periyar Parks are ideal for elephant safari. Periyar Park is one of the famous coastal India national park. People can also enjoy birding and boating experiences in this park. Manas Park is a famous national park of eastern India and is frequently visited by the wildlife tourists. If you really want to spot and observe the exotic flora and fauna then visit all these destinations during wildlife tour India. You can also select tour package to wander in the wilderness of India.

By Suzana

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