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Understanding and Enjoying the RV Lifestyle

By Suzana Jul24,2022

Understanding and Enjoying the RV Lifestyle

Most people who enjoy the RV lifestyle full time is people, who are retired, have raised their kids and want to travel. Generally these people are people who have lived in the Northern states most of their lives and find that the cold is hard on them as they get older. By enjoying the RV lifestyle full time, it allows them to travel south during the colder months and allow them to go back to where they are from in the summer months and see their family such as kids and possibly grandkids.

Typically these people spend many years thinking, planning, and researching the best way to enjoy the RV lifestyle. It does not however keep their adult children from worrying about them and wondering why they are doing it.

There are preparations that have to be made prior to Enjoying the RV lifestyle full time so that there is no unfinished business or affairs that need to be taken care of and no worries hanging over their heads as they are trying to get adjusted which no matter how much you plan and prepare ahead of time, changing to a full time RV lifestyle is still an adjustment at first. The length of time it takes to get adjusted depends on the couple.

First people need to plan on the best time to retire, make sure they have enough money in the bank and income flow coming in on a regular basis for the future. They need to let their adult children know of the plan. They have to sell their house and buy the right size RV and do so that they do not end up without a place to live after their house is sold and they have purchased their RV.

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They need to know what personal belongings to save and take with them, which ones to get rid of and which ones to store. If they are storing any personal items, they have to decide whether to rent a storage facility and if so how to get the money to the facility every month or decide to pay 6 months or a year’s rental of the facility upfront. Or they need to discuss with their adult children or a friend if they can possibly store their items for them.

There is also the safety factor preparation. Typically people who RV full time, will have a certain place they set up both in the winter and the summer months. They also need to make sure there is some way to call people when they get to their traveling destination that they have arrived safely and if they had to use a different spot this year than most in case something happens and they needed to be located urgently. In today’s society, most people would take a cell phone for granted but there are travel locations that cell phone reception may not always be dependable. They may be able to use a cell phone in the area where they are at but there may be more dead spots than if they are in a city setting.

By Suzana

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