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10 Ways to Save When Travel Booking

By Suzana Jul21,2022

10 Ways to Save When Travel Booking

A list of ten ways for you to save money the next time you travel. Remember these tips and you could save a ton!

1. Flexibility – Being flexible with the dates you travel can save you money. Traveling on a Tuesday is better than traveling on a Saturday or Sunday or even a Wednesday because these are the days most people tend to travel. And if you can be really flexible, try to travel during an off-season.

2. Early – Book far in advance if possible. If you book a month or so in advance, you’re apt to save.

3. Online – Always book online. Sometimes discounts will be offered for booking online.

4. Subscribe – Subscribe to an airline newsletter or website so that you know about sales before they happen. Often, you can sign up for promotional emails as well. If you sign up for these, the airline will email you with discounts and deals.

5. Package – Book your flight and hotel together. Package deals will save you money.

6. Indirect – Sometimes booking flights that are indirect or connecting flights will save you money. It may take more time to get to your destination but it will be worth saving too.

7. Fees – Make sure you keep an eye on extra fees when booking your flight. More times than not, cheap airfare will be compensated with extra fees.

8. Parking – Avoid driving to the airport and paying to park. Try asking your friend or a family member to drive you. Another option would be to take a transit bus to the airport and parking in their parking lot.

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9. Round-trip – Always buy round-trip tickets if you are able. This will save you money as well unless you plan on purchasing your tickets at the last minute.

10. Night – Another way to save is to fly at night. Take the red-eye if you have to.

What you should remember is that, to get great deals, you’ll most likely have to sacrifice something. Take advantage of how the airlines work. When it’s not as popular to travel, it’s most likely the cheapest time to travel.

By Suzana

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