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Three Wonderful State Parks in North Central Washington State

Three Wonderful State Parks in North Central Washington State

North Central Washington is blessed with a number of wonderful state run parks. These are great places to go to just experience a short time in the outdoors or to have a much longer overnight camping trip. There are lakes rivers, creeks, waterfalls, hiking trails, off roading opportunities, and more located very near or within a number of them. Here is a look at just three of the great state parks located in the region.

Steamboat Rock State Park

For those looking to get out and enjoy the water, there are few better places to go to in North Central Washington than Steamboat Rock. This beautiful park sits on just over 3,500 acres of land and includes the huge rock that the park is named after which looms over both the park and the upper section of Banks Lake. There are a number of activities that can be participated in at and around the park including swimming, boating, fishing, kayaking, camping, picnicking, hiking, and more.

Osoyoos Lake State Park

Lake Osoyoos is fourteen miles long and extends from the North Central Washington area north across the border into Canada. On the southern shore of the lake is Osoyoos Lake State Park which is a great place for those wanting to experience the outdoor recreational opportunities the area is famous for. The park itself is rather small, but is very popular with campers coming to the region. There is a war veteran’s memorial in the park, along with a sandy beach area and plenty of wide open grassy areas.

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Potholes State Park

Located a little over a half hour south of the city of Moses Lake is the Potholes Reservoir which provides an important outdoor recreational location as well as a number of irrigation and agricultural benefits. On the shores of Potholes Reservoir is Potholes State Park. This beautiful park includes more than 600 acres of land and features play areas, campsites, a boat ramp, and more. For those that have a love for fishing, a visit to Potholes is a must.

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