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Preparing Your Dog for Traveling

By Suzana Jul14,2022

Preparing Your Dog for Traveling

Being able to take your pet on vacation is an exciting thought is it not? The mere thought of sitting with Fido on the beach basking in the sun is a thrilling concept. Are you worried about airlines and hotels not being accommodating to pets? Well you should put that thought to rest, because these days more and more airlines and hotels are realizing that people are wanting their beloved dogs to accompany them on trips. In fact, they are outright demanding it, or opting to not travel at all. However, with more places becoming more pet friendly, means an added responsibility on your part.

You must know that these accommodating do not come without a price, which is one you should be willing to pay. Establishments and airlines are also asking dog owners to do a few simple preparations beforehand, to ensure they have the best vacation possible. First, call the particular organization to make sure they are pet friendly and pet accommodating. When that is taken care of, it is crucial to prepare your dog by taking him to the vet for a thorough checkup. Making sure all his shots are current, and having Fido’s medical records on hand to give to the business owner or airline representative is an excellent plan of action.

If your dog will be flying, call the particular airline to see how they handle animals, and the compartment in which they will be placed. Once you know this, you will have insight on the safest carrier to place your dog in for the trip. Know Fido’s measurements and have them in your files along with the medical records. If your dog has never traveled before, or experiences anxiety when riding in the car, you might want to talk to the vet about a mild sedative.

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It is crucial to have a letter of instructions if your pet is diabetic or is asthmatic, and will require medications during the flight. Having these prescriptions in tow, along with the medical information will make the journey much more successful for your pet. In other words the more organized and prepared you are beforehand, will show the airline, hotel or other establishment that you truly care for your pet, which will in turn make them care for your dog all the more.

Along with the essential medical records, please make sure Fido has items that will remind him of home. This can be as simple as his favorite blanket, bed, or toy. Bottled water and a cup of his regular food certainly cannot hurt either. These are only necessary if they are flying. The bottom line is this; advanced preparation is the smartest thinking of all. Once you decide on the airline your dog is going to fly on, and find out their specific requirements, you can make Fido the more prepared and loved pet on the entire flight. This is what any dog owner will do without even giving it a second thought.

By Suzana

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