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Secret Keys to Planning the Ultimate Disney World Getaway

By Suzana Aug23,2022

Secret Keys to Planning the Ultimate Disney World Getaway

You all know the drill. The first time you travel anywhere, it’s easy to get blindsided by unforeseen loopholes that have you squandering your precious time and money on silly expenditures and unpleasant lines. There’s always a learning curve involved in getting the inside scoop on somewhere new. We want to expedite that process for you so that when you visit Disney World even first timers will have a bit of a leg up, and an insider’s advantage.

Choosing Your Tickets

Although the Magic Your Way ticketing tries to offer you a range of choices and the opportunity to cater your visit according to your desires, it can also be confusing. If you’re caught unaware you could end up spending good money on tickets that you may not really need.

First off, you must buy your tickets either directly from Disney or from reputable, authorized Disney World ticket selling agents. You can also buy discounted tickets from reputable, authorized discount ticket sellers. You’ll save substantial sums if you purchase discounted tickets from someone safe. For example, a five day Magic Your Way Park Hopper for a family of four might be as much as fifty dollars less.

Park Hopper Option

While you do pay more for the Park Hopper option, it basically gives you four times as much park to explore, since it will let you into all four of the theme parks. If you are going to be at Disney World for several days or a week, you’ll want to enjoy the full range of offerings. If you are only going to be at Disney World for a long weekend or a day, maybe tickets to one or two of the theme parks is the way to go.

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Non-Expiration Date Option

Non-Expiration date tickets are an option ticket agents may offer. Since all regular tickets to Disney World expire after two weeks, the non-expiring ticket may seem like an attractive option if you have some inkling that you will return within the year. But don’t get too giddy with this idea. Who ever goes to Disney World more than once a year? Surveys say a very scant few ever do. And if you use up all your days on your trip, then this option gave you nothing.

Hidden Treasures

From the hidden Mickeys throughout the theme parks to the little known tours of the World Hotels available to those staying anywhere on Disney property, there are many ways to make your Disney experienced rich and multilayered. From the different theme parks with their rides, games, and stage shows, to the fun spots in the vicinity like the Boardwalk, Celebration, and Downtown, from the Electrical Water Pageant to IllumiNations show at Epcot, to the lovely biking on the trails at Disney’s Wilderness Preserve at the head of the Everglades, there’s a box of hidden treasures to be unlocked around every turn at Disney World.

By Suzana

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