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Tips for Traveling with a Service Animal

By Suzana May30,2024

Service animals are allowed to go anywhere their owners go. When you travel, this means you can have your service animal accompany you at all times. It is important to note, that service animals receive special training so they will follow your commands and give you an opportunity to live life as fully as possible. They become a physical extension of yourself. They are not simply a pet. They are a valuable asset and must be treated accordingly.

Choose a Destination That Is Animal Friendly

If you are planning a trip, it’s important to choose a destination that is animal-friendly. Even though your service animal is there to help you, it still needs to be able to run and play for a little while every day. Talk to your travel agent to find out about destinations they recommend. Look for locations where both you and your service animal can relax and enjoy your time away from home. Your travel agent can assist you in filling out the travel request from the Department of Transportation.

Make Sure Your Animal Always Wears Its Vest and ID

Service animals are not “pets”. They are working animals entrusted with the job of assisting their owners. You will have people ask questions or try to pet your animal. Make sure your pet always has their ID attached to their collar, harness, or vest. Answer any questions that are asked as politely as possible while reinforcing the fact that touching your animal is not allowed unless they have been given permission. Your animal is on the job and should not be stopped from performing their duties.

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Let Your Travel Agency Know You Have a Service Animal

Talk to your travel agency once you have made the decision to take a vacation. They will ensure all of the proper paperwork is completed in a timely fashion and that your service dog has all it needs to travel safely. Your travel agent can make all the necessary reservations and ensure both you and your service animal are able to travel safely without experiencing any obstacles. You will also receive any documents you will need to carry with you during your trip.

Protect Your Service Animal As It Protects You

While you are out in public, you will find there are many people who will disregard your request that they don’t touch your service animal. They may try to feed it without you knowing. Your service dog is there to assist you with tasks and protect you in the event of an emergency. Maintain control of your service dog at all times. If someone continues to try and interact with your animal after repeated requests to stop, you may need to contact the authorities.

Carry Your Animal’s Credentials With You at all Times

Whenever you are away from home, always carry your service animal’s credentials with you. Your service animal has received extensive training and has been certified to be able to perform certain tasks. If the question ever arises about the authenticity of your animal as a service animal, the certification papers should clear up any obstacles or concerns. In most cases, your service animal’s vest or harness will be identification enough. If not, their certification papers will clear up any confusion.

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Service animals are becoming more and more common. Many travel destinations like Twin Peaks Lodge offer accommodations that allow for all of their guests to have an enjoyable stay. When you travel with a service animal, always make sure to plan accordingly so everything goes as smoothly as possible.

By Suzana

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