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Volente Beach Water Park

By Suzana Jun11,2022

Volente Beach Water Park

Even though it’s nearly December, it’s never too early to think about summer time fun. Volente Beach Water Park is just a hop, skip and splash away from Austin, in Cedar Park. It’s located on FM 2769 right on the beach of beautiful Lake Travis.

The park has water rides and slides for every person in the family, young or old. From rides like the `Texas Twister’ that take you on a plunge that twists and turns, or how about `The Sidewinder’ that takes you and a friend down a slope and up the other side, all why you are twisting and turning sideways! How about trying to get across `Gators Crossing’ without falling in! You have to make it from one side of the pool to the other by balancing on lily pads; just a little secret; you get to hang onto a rope from above to keep from falling into the gator infested waters!

If you’re not quite up to out swimming gators, then how about jumping on the pirate ship; it’s decked out with a slide and lots of other surprises. If you don’t like that, you can always walk the plank! `The Roadrunner” also offers the adventurous at heart to take a fast swift ride down the twisting slide with lots of water pushing you along the way.

After all the pirates and gators, you’ll want to take a ride on the lazy lagoon. Just sit back and relax while floating around or playing a game of Marco Polo. Volente beach also has a nice sandy beach to visit and build sand castles or just sit back and catch some sun!

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After you’ve spent the day on the beach or in the park, you can always find something good to eat. Try the Blu Parrot Grill. They have awesome food and always have live entertainment on Friday nights! What a way to end the day!

It’s never too early to start planning for the summer. If you want to check out Volente Beach, just to see if it’s something your family would enjoy, they always have a “Free Day.” When they say “free” they mean free! It’s usually in mid April and it gives families a chance to see if it’s something they would enjoy; if so, then you can even purchase season tickets.

The park offers specials year round. For mother’s day, mom gets in free. Same for father’s day, except it’s dad who gets the free ticket! Check out their website for the events they have scheduled for the season.

Looking for that perfect birthday party for your kid? Volente Beach offers several packages for parties, and you even get your own area, food, drinks and balloons. Your kids will love it, and mom and dad will even have a good time! Volente Beach also offers corporate parties as well; adults like to have fun as well.

Staying in the Austin or Cedar Park area for vacation or weekend getaways is easier than you thought, and what a wonderful way to cool down during our hot summer months.

By Suzana

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