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What you need to know for bringing your family to Australia

International students move to Australia for specific purposes and then extend their visa type for a specific time period for bringing their family to spend quality time in Australia. Many people bring their family members to Australia easily for a quality lifestyle while continuing their career. If you are interested in moving to Australia for a specific purpose then you can get immigration consultancy services to bring your family and get permanent residency in Australia by fulfilling certain requirements.

Bringing your partner

You can also bring your family to Australia through a student visa application. Student visa category will not only allow your spouse for immigration to Australia from Qatar but also give the opportunity to bring your children under 18 years old and your parents. You just need to provide proof of your relationship and your family members. The main evidence of your relationship is marriage certificate and birth certificate for starting the case for your spouse or children. The main criteria for bringing your family to Australia is providing your financial proof that you are financially strong enough to support your family in Australia. A study visa applicant can bring his partner to Australia easily just by submitting the necessary requirements. The main evidence is their relationship certificate mainly includes a marriage certificate. If you are financially strong enough and well settled in Australia by spending some time, then you are eligible to bring your partner to Australia

Bringing your children

With a student visa, you are also eligible to bring your children to Australia because the Australian government allows children under 18 years old to bring Australia. If your children are more than 18 years old, then they need to apply for another visa for getting residence in Australia. For bringing your children to Australia you also need to provide financial proof for taking care of your children. Australia always support children with many facilities of education, healthcare, and encourage their participation in social activities. it is a very good choice for people who move in Australia on their study visa to bring their family in Australia. You can simply bring your spouse, children, and parents to Australia by fulfilling the specific requirements and financial proof your family member can enjoy the many futures taking opportunities in Australia along with spending quality time with your loved one.

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Bringing your parent

If you went to Australia on a student visa and are 18 years old, then you can support your parents in Australia who have enough financial situation to support themselves and your parents can live with you in Australia and enjoy many world-class facilities as other Australian citizens. You just have to declare your family members by submitting a specific application form and then collecting necessary documents along with your application procedure. After fulfilling all the necessary requirements you can get the invitation letter for your families in Australia.

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