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Avoiding Water Park Injuries

By Suzana Oct20,2022

Avoiding Water Park Injuries

As summer approaches, more and more families head to water parks across the nation. Although a day at the water park can be fun for adults and children alike, it is important to remember that caution must be exercised at all times. Theme parks are an exciting source of summer fun, but any time you mix water and recreation, dangerous situations are bound to arise.

Most parks take extra precautions when it comes to safety, knowing that water on surfaces like concrete and wood often creates a very slippery environment. Most of the time, the park designers will try to minimize the hazard by putting down carpet, rubber, or mats in areas of high traffic. To avoid slip-and-fall injuries, it is important for individuals to exercise caution when walking on wet surfaces at all times.

Common injuries often include slipping and falling on hard surfaces, collisions, loading and unloading incidents, water inhalation, and drowning. Most parks hire and train staff to help minimize the event of injury and death to visitors, often providing lifeguard and CPR training to their employees.

Water park visitors should exercise caution at all times and should set a good example for their loved ones. Small children should be supervised at all times and should not be allowed to run or roughhouse in high-traffic areas. Teenagers should be lectured on caution and reckless behavior, because careless actions can often lead to serious injury. Adults should be sure to monitor their children at all times and should not rely on park staff to play “babysitter” to their children.

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The warm summer months provide ample opportunities to spend time with your family. By taking the necessary precautions and monitoring the safety of your loved ones, a day at the water park can be a great experience for everyone.

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By Suzana

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