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Costa Teguise Water Park

Costa Teguise Water Park

The Costa Teguise water park (Aquapark), is the only attraction of its kind on Lanzarote island. Although smaller than the water parks on the mainland, it is still a great source of fun for families vacationing in Costa Teguise. It features a large assortment of slides and water entertainments to fit all ages, from fast and daring rides to relaxing and peaceful amusements.

There are special areas allocated for young children, such as the Children’s Leisure Park. Here kids can bounce around in soft castles or trampolines. They can also go down slides of all shapes and colors in the Children’s Lake or experience the same kind of thrill as their parents and elder siblings as they take on the low, but daring slides in the Children’s Zone.

Teenagers will get an exhilarating kick out of free falling down the Kamikaze slide. 8 Tracks and Soft Slides features adjacent slides that can be used for teens who would like to indulge in a friendly competition to see who would hit the water first. The Turbolancha (Tubular Slide) and Crazy River ride are also great hits with the older kids.

With the numerous types of slides, chutes, and rides around the water park, children of all ages are sure to find something to entertain themselves. Families and friends looking for a group activity can enjoy a relaxing dip in the crystal clear lakes or duke it out in an all-out water fight at the Water Battle station.

Although the Costa Teguise water park is geared towards children, adults can still join in the fun rides and attractions. There are also several shops, restaurants, and sunbathing areas that parents can patronize while their kids have fun under the trained eyes of the park’s lifeguards and staff.

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The Aquapark has had mixed reviews, with some visitors gushing about what a great place it is for a family outing while others complain about it being small, overpriced, and unsafe. A lot depends on the age of the children, as well as the season their parents choose to visit. The unheated pool water may be unappreciated during cool winter days. Likewise, the lack of shade can be very uncomfortable on the hottest summer days – along with the added problem of burning hot tiles that are painful to step on! As with any amusement park, expect crowds and long lines during peak seasons.

Families traveling with small children who do not know how to swim will not be able to fully enjoy all that the water park has to offer, especially since arm bands are not allowed in the slides. Children aged 6 to 8 may find themselves bored with the kiddie attractions, but too small to try out the adult rides. Visitors in these situations will not feel as though they have gotten value for their money and are likely to find the place overpriced.

Despite its share of poor reviews, Aquapark remains one of the more popular attractions in Lanzarote. When in doubt as to whether or not this Costa Teguise water park will be enjoyed by your family, it is always best to a bit of research first. Do not let a few bad reviews turn you away. Find out how many rides and attractions are suited for you and your children. Learn the rules and regulations as well, such as when children can use arm bands or swim rings, or if there is a strict dress code to be followed in the pool areas. Your hotel receptionist should be able to help you gain information or get in contact with the water park staff. Who knows? Aquapark may be just the thing to cap off your family holiday with a big splash!

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