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How To Keep Yourself Entertained When Traveling Long Distances

How To Keep Yourself Entertained When Traveling Long Distances

Stop and think of some of the things that you like to do in small spaces. What are some of the things that you can really absorb yourself in? Are there any books you can read or small portable projects that you can take with you? Do you have a fascination of watching others? Have you been able to just take some down time for yourself?

Here are some ideas to help with the travel blahs.

1 – Reading – Think about the time you will have traveling, think about how fast a reader you are. Find a really good book that you can absorb yourself in. If you figure that you can finish your book within a short amount of time, consider taking a second book. Some airports have book stores that are actually a book exchange store. You get a book for a nominal cost and then return it when you get back, picking up another book that interests you in exchange. Or you can buy a book or two that you are just dying to read. Consider getting a Nook and downloading some books that you want to read.

2 – Games – There are lots of travel games on the market. The game boards are magnetized so that parts of the game are not easily lost. Some games are designed as hand held games and some are specifically designed for portable gaming systems like the DSI. It can be entertaining to use these games and the time seems to go by really fast. Cards can be entertaining and do not take up a lot of space. If you are traveling with someone, it can be enjoyable to get into a round of Old Maid, or Go Fish.

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3 – Business – If you are on a business trip, taking that unfinished project that needs your attention can be useful. Utilizing the travel time to get caught up can be very productive. You will be able to arrive at your destination feeling that you are on top of the game.

4 – Sleeping – Often traveling can bring a sense of relaxation. Taking along an inflatable pillow and using the time to catch up on some sleep can help to bring a fresh start to the trip.

5 – Movies – Utilizing a computer or DVD player on a trip to watch a movie can be very relaxing and help pass the time away. Remember to have the battery fully charged if this is your choice, because unless you are traveling in a car where you can use the car charger, the plane will not be able to accommodate charging your laptop or DVD player.

6 – Journaling – Having a notebook to jot things down can help with passing the time. Writing your thoughts about your travel before your trip, like what you want to see, do, experience, can be fun when you go back and read about your expectations of your trip. Really getting into your feelings, putting your thoughts into written word after your trip can help to create lasting memories.

By Suzana

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