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Creating a Playroom For the Kids

Creating a Playroom For the Kids

First when creating a playroom evaluate the available space and think about what you would like to create within that area. Whether an upstairs attic, a finished basement, bonus room in newer construction; you can have a great space for the kids to play.

Next would be deciding on a theme and color. A neutral gender friendly room is always a plus when creating a playroom. You may create areas within the area to make gender specific toy sections. Always start with a washable good quality paint and color that will compliment the brightness or therefore lack of sunlight in a room. Consider painting the closet as well since in some cases it can be used for open storage of toys and videos. Next would be the floor coverings; some like Berber carpet while other clients love the look of wood flooring with kid friendly area rugs. I personally like to use wood flooring with different area rugs for appropriate sections if the space allows.

After the paint and wall colors have been decided and completed; now it’s time to bring in the fabrics on the windows. Consider choosing a child friendly shade or curtains that could just be pulled over to one side at night or in the case of bright sunlight. When picking out lighting for the room; one might opt for a ceiling fan with a light kit. Another item to think about when designing a playroom is shelving. Shelves installed on the upper portion of a room are great to not only provide storage for once played with beloved dolls, etc but for decorating purposes as well.

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Now let us discuss the dreaded storage issue of placement of toys. Cubes, toys, bins and baskets are great for storing all those little pieces those little fingers love to play with. Closets can be a great space for installing shelving to house not only videos but games, arts and crafts as well. Sectioning out separate space for a play kitchen and table set often amuse both boys and girls for hours. Placing a train table in another area with toy bins underneath to hold train tracks also works well. A chalkboard either painted or hung on the wall is a good source of entertainment for the little ones along with a teachers workshop area can be not only a good play area but can be a wonderful learning tool.

Creating a playroom for the youngsters should be a fun experience and bring them into the planning, creating and fun!

By Suzana

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