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Destinations in Jakarta That Kids Will Love

By Suzana Jun28,2022

Destinations in Jakarta That Kids Will Love

A hotel in Jakarta Indonesia is an awesome destination for total relaxation and unwinding. Most, especially the luxurious ones, offer indefinite opportunities for anyone to enjoy their Jakarta vacations. However, not all take into consideration the fact that kids might come along. Thus, it becomes necessary to go out of the hotels and visit the different destinations that children will surely love in this Indonesian city.

A new recreation spot in Jakarta is constantly attracting tourists to the area, and is a good place to take the kids to visit. It is the Pondok Indah Waterpark, an ideal destination to escape the blazing heat of Jakarta’s weather.

The Pondok Indah Waterpark is definitely accessible to everyone. Many tourists prefer to go there because of the four swimming pools which are very impressive, due to the cold and clear blue water.

Kids will surely enjoy this attraction as the water park flaunts exciting slides and children’s pools. Adults will also love it here because of the Olympic-sized pool that it boasts. Bathing facilities are also provided, so guests will find retreating here to be very relaxing.

Aside from swimming, people coming to Pondok Indah Waterpark may also enjoy live performances. From time to time, the resort invites bands and artists to come to the water and provide entertainment to its guests. The stage is surrounded by a pool and provides a great atmosphere to be enjoyed by all.

Dining facilities are also abundant in the Pondok Indah Waterpark. Restaurants serve sumptuous meals, and there are small cafes serving light drinks for refreshment.

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The Pondok Indah Water park near the big Pondok Indah Mall, so after the stress of shopping, tourists may settle for some relaxation in this wonderful resort.

To further enjoy Jakarta’s tourism attractions, parents may also take their kids to the Golden Snail. However, this is a place that not only the young ones will enjoy because of the impressive architectural style that this building boasts, even adults will love visiting this attraction.

The Golden Snail, better known as the Keong Emas, is an IMAX theatre which people visit for entertainment. Due to its distinct style, it is also a sight to behold for photographers and architecture enthusiasts. It is designed like the shell of a snail, hence its name. It flaunts a golden yellow color, and its construction was inspired by the Golden Apple Snail.

Interior-wise it boasts cutting edge technology, making it a definite tourist destination that should be visited. The theatre houses a huge screen which shows 3D films. Most of the time, the films played are themed ‘Beautiful Indonesia,’ thus showcasing the impressive culture, tradition and heritage of Indonesia.

The grand Golden Snail Imax Theatre is one interesting landmark of Jakarta. It is located inside the Miniature of Indonesia Park in East Jakarta. This is an interesting destination for the whole family and it will definitely increase their learning and knowledge about Jakarta.

By Suzana

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