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It’s OK to Quit

By Suzana Aug7,2022

It’s OK to Quit

How old where you when you realized that quitting is a bad thing? Kids taunt one another with that derogatory word – Quitter! Parents tell their kids not to quit; that they can’t quit if they’ve committed to something. I’ve been guilty of it. But, is it OK to quit? Or, better yet, when is it OK to quit?

There’s a Turkish proverb that I recently read: “No matter how far you’ve gone down a wrong road, turn back.” Have you travelled down the wrong road? Have you stuck to your guns, persevered, made it work, or gutted it out? Was it miserable?

I’m sure you know someone who spent a lot of time and energy trying to make a marriage work, only to finally throw in the towel. I know many people (on both sides of a divorce) who say they hung on too long, tried too hard, knew it wasn’t the right thing. They made a commitment and they stuck with it. Couldn’t quit. Stayed miserable.

I’m not advocating divorce, or giving up too soon. But realistically, sometimes you just know you’re down the wrong road and, no matter how far you’ve traveled, it’s time to turn back.

Investors in businesses will sometimes talk about “throwing good money after bad”. They’re too far down a road (big investment) and keep throwing more money at it in hopes it will work out. When they know it probably won’t, the best option is to stop wasting money! Quit.

Have you ever committed to something – a committee, an organization, a neighborhood task or duty, etc. – only to realize that it was not at all what you thought it would be? You’re not enjoying it, or maybe you loathe it. But you’re not a quitter so you keep plodding along, dreading each meeting. Yuck!

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When you say “yes” to something you don’t enjoy, you’re saying “no” to everything else. That’s “no” to family, working out, friends, reading, mowing the grass, napping – everything else! That’s time you’ll never get back. Why be miserable when you know it’s just not right for you?

Another amazing thing about staying with something when you’re not committed: You won’t be giving your best and others will know it. Rather than pretend, come clean. State your case and find a way to either get committed, or get out. It’s best for you and for the rest of the group – as well as the committed person who will follow you! Step aside, do what you want to do and let someone else have your spot. Everyone ends up a winner!

Check some of the roads you’re traveling. No matter how far you’ve gone if it’s not the right road for you, turn back. You quitter!

By Suzana

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