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Orlando: The Magic Lives On

By Suzana Oct9,2022

Orlando: The Magic Lives On

Behind every dream is the wackiest, heart pounding, mind boggling and fun filled world of imaginations. Around every ounce of fantasy lies a magical place where dream comes true and fairy tales surmount. The clock is ticking and the door will be opened into the magical world where dream becomes a reality and reality becomes a fantasy. Open your eyes and stare in amazement into the magical kingdom of Far Far Away, where “Once upon a time” begins and “happily ever after” ends. Meet the Knight in shining armor as he saves the princess from the hands of the wicked witch. Savor the moment in the jungle where dragons lived and birds can talk. Ooops! The clock has stopped and you are no longer dreaming. Open your sleepy eyes, this isn’t a fantasy anymore – you are in the happiest place on earth where fairy tales are brought into life – Welcome to Orlando!

Live the magic and enjoy every moment of your life in this wild and exciting adventure. Sit down, breathe in a fresh air and relax with different attractions and tourist destinations that await you. Orlando, Florida has a lot to offer in terms of vacation tips and ideas. This place is popularly known as the Theme Park Capital of the World that includes a bunch of theme parks and amusement spots to enjoy by people of all ages.

As you enter the vicinity of Orlando, you will already be amazed as you passed along the International Drive where a lot of beautiful spots, souvenir shops, mouth watering delicacies from restaurants and hotels to check in. It is regarded as the main tourist strip of Orlando.

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Not too far from International drive is the Universal Orlando Resort, where a lot of tourists visit every year to experience a jam pack full of action and adventure from its sophisticated state of the art’s rides, exhibits, resorts, hotels and restaurants. It is composed of two theme parks that include Universal Studio Florida and Islands of Adventure, which is the home of the newly opened amusement park, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

If your aim is to meet fairy tales’ characters such as Snow White and the seven dwarves, sleeping beauty, Mickey Mouse and friends, and have a tour in the Kingdom of Far Far Away to meet Shrek and Princess Fauna, well Walt Disney World is the best place. It consists of four Theme parks and two Water parks that offer a wide variety of rides, wonderful Disney parades and shows, hotels, museums and many more attractions. This is truly one of the most sought tourist destinations in the world.

Other major attractions that can be seen here are Sea World Adventure Park, where under the sea adventures are experienced, Aquatica, Discovery Cove, Holy Land, Gatorland, and Wet ‘N Wild theme parks. These are unforgettable places to enjoy and cherish for a lifetime.

Truly, it is a magnificent place to live in, where fairy tales, dreams and fantasies that were once told in bedtime stories are becoming part of reality. Children, teenagers, young adults, and people who are young at heart will truly be amazed with the wonders that this place can offer. This could be an experience for a lifetime. Fun, joy, and wild adventures await you, only here in Orlando, the place where you can live happily ever after.

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By Suzana

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