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Vietnam Will Capture Your Heart and Your Imagination

Vietnam Will Capture Your Heart and Your Imagination

The world has grown smaller. People today are traveling more and more, often eschewing the typical resort-type of vacation in favor of vacations of a more adventurous sort. If you are looking for a true adventure and new cultural experience then traveling in Vietnam could be the vacation of your dreams. This is a country that has survived both colonialism and many wars and has come out of them with an intense survivalists pride and a welcoming spirit. You will find that you and your dollars will be very much welcome everywhere in this beautiful and diverse country.

This country has so much to offer to the adventurous traveler no matter what your tastes may run to. There are stunning beaches, beautiful mountains, and bucolic rice fields that will capture your imagination. If you are into discovering the culture in an urban atmosphere then both the capital of Hanoi and the ancient imperial capital of Hue are cities that aren’t to be missed. Hue is beautiful situated on the banks of the Huong River and its ancient palaces, tombs and forbidden walls have been designated by UNESCO as a World Culture Heritage site.

The climate of Vietnam is surprisingly diverse, as well. In the winter months it is cold and frosty with snow in the mountains. While along the Mekong Delta that climate is quite hot year round. Vietnam also experiences the standard monsoon seasons that does the rest of southeast Asia with the winter months being the drier season. Food also is different depending on which part of the country in which you are traveling. As always, this is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the wide variety of cultures that this country has to offer.

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To fully experience the landscape and the people, cycling and trekking can be two of the more rewarding ways for traveling in Vietnam. If beach sports are more to your liking then you can find great adventure in kite surfing and windsurfing. There are lessons available for beginners as well as services for the more advanced adventurers. This country is vibrant and exciting and has emerged out of chaos into a viable travel destination. It is a country that will remain in your heart forever.

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