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Worldwide Travel 101

By Suzana Jun22,2022

Worldwide Travel 101

Traveling is exciting because it almost forces us to live presently. We are so use to our everyday routine of the rat race and it is easy to check out and not be present. The key to happiness is living presently, and if you disagree just observe at a very young child. They are always present and more happy than most adults on this planet. Traveling excites the nervous system. There is adventure and new things to soak up while seeing a new area for the first time.

Here is the best news. Most people have this idea that it takes a lot of money to become travel. This is the biggest misconception in society today about traveling. It does not take a lot of money to travel. What it does take is overcoming the fear that surrounds traveling with little money. That is the hardest part. But, let me tell you something. If you can overcome this. If you break through your old paradigms of safety, you will experience the most freeing feeling you have ever felt. There is nothing like being on the road with a few dollars in your pocket and not knowing what bestows around the next corner of life. You will be as free as you will ever be!

Whether traveling abroad or traveling in your own country you will see and feel new experience like you have never felt them before. You will begin to understand new cultures and why they operate like they do. You will understand new ways of life and many prejudices will blow out the window. Your understanding of yourself and others will rise and wisdom will creep up on you like Santa Clause on Christmas.

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Many do not realize this, in the past 50 years or so we have lost what the true meaning of travel was. It was not to escape, but it was to educate. Many families in the past used traveling to educate their children. This not only gave them knowledge, but also gave them wisdom.

By Suzana

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