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What to Expect From a Small Lodge Or Park Holiday

By Suzana May5,2022

What to Expect From a Small Lodge Or Park Holiday

Smaller holiday parks and lodges in the UK are a different type of holiday to the larger family holiday parks. Whereas large family holiday parks are designed with entertainment in mind – with entertainment laid on, amusement arcades, restaurants and take-aways – the smaller park is designed for a quieter holiday.

A small holiday park may only have half-a-dozen holiday lodges situated on the park, so no entertainment is laid on for you. Instead you’ll get peace and quiet, and the chance to relax.

Peace and quiet type parks are generally situated in out-of-the-way places, so you have the opportunity to take long walks and explore the surrounding countryside. It a great feeling taking in all that fresh air, many parks are situated near national parks, or at areas of natural beauty – so you always take to the car, and explore the area that way. If you’ve got a pet to take, a small lodge park can be the perfect break away. You can take in the scenery, while your pet takes in the new smells! Although, before booking, make sure your holiday accommodation will allow your pet to stay too.

Many lodges come complete with our own private hot-tub; this is a real luxury, and can make your holiday extra special. Returning to your lodge after a hard day exploring the countryside, you can relax in your outdoor hot tub, watching the sun go down. That really is the perfect way to finish off a perfect day!

You may well have some facilities on the park itself, this depends on the size of the park – a small shop, and maybe even a swimming pool may be available. Generally, you’ll find the larger the park, the more facilities will be available. If you’re after total peace and quiet, go for small park with a private outdoor hot-tub. You’ll come home feeling rejuvenated and ready for anything!

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By Suzana

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