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Tips to Travel Light With One Bag

By Suzana May6,2022

Tips to Travel Light With One Bag

If you want to travel happily, you must travel light. You will be far less vulnerable and a lot independent if you are not stuffed with heavy luggage and extra bags. Packing of your bags and luggage is depending on your style of travel, a small suitcase on wheels or backpack is a quite good luggage choice. Make sure you have at least one hand free at all times for necessary things.

Carrying clothes made of Lycra fabric, wrinkle free clothes which do not need ironing and washing. Carry two-three pairs of jeans with lots of matching tops. Carry a pair of black shoes and natural belt; they will go with most of your outfits whether it is formal or informal. You should not carry to much jewellery and makeup accessories. Carry studs for ears and one eye shadow, one lipstick and a neutral lip gloss. Eye shadow can also be used as a blusher, while gel mascara can be used to shape the eyebrows. Carry deodorants with perfume in it so that it will give you the benefits of a deodorants and perfume. Always carry clothes which give you more options and combinations.

If you are going out of the country, the better thing to do is to buy clothes from the street, instead of packing that luxurious, branded stuff. They can be worn and dumped, and need not be brought back. Carry instant ready to eat food this will save your time and you will get more fun instead of arranging something to eat. Pack your bag neatly; things will occupy less space then.

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If you are planning to go aboard then definitely you will bring something from that country. So pack your luggage and bags accordingly. Overloaded with heavy luggage and extra bags will not give you more independent and you will not get more fun.

Quick Tips for Traveling Light

1. Choose a lightweight and easy to carry bag.

2. Check weather report of the place you are going to travel. Put cloths according to its climatic condition.

3. Organize your packing space carefully and put items inside of other items to utilize maximum space.

4. Keep your sunglasses, hand lotion, ear plugs, snacks, lipsticks, toothbrush, comb, pen, water, medicines and other necessary items in the top of your bag or in a separate hand bag.

5. Keep your ID, visa, credit cards and money in a security pouch. Also keep some small currency in your pocket for little purchases.

By Suzana

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