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Boxing Workouts to Improve Your Performance

By Suzana Jul29,2022

Boxing Workouts to Improve Your Performance

Basic Training Tips

The training of boxers, and the pace and scope of their boxing workouts are largely dependent on the point in their career that they have arrived at. If you are a beginning boxer, a starting training routine might involve learning to hit the speed bag and the heavy bag, as well as the double end bag. You can stand in front of a mirror and do shadowboxing, so you can watch your form. You can also work on jogging, calisthenics and skipping, as well as jumping rope. An occasional sparring practice bout will help you develop moves and counter-moves.

If you’re an amateur or a pro, and you’re preparing for a bout, your boxing workouts will be much more involved and strenuous. You may be getting up at five in the morning to jog, flying to the location of the bout, and going over the same gym routine as beginners, but now you’ll be doing it to hone your skills to their sharpest levels.

Your priority one must be safety. Find yourself a trainer or a coach who has enough experience to be able to “show you the ropes”. Make sure your trainer understands and encourages proper body mechanics and proper technique.

Learn how to correctly wrap your hands, and get a sturdy pair of gloves. Have your trainer school you in proper body mechanics. Remember that the key to success in learning technique is repetition. Don’t push yourself too far too fast. Be patient, and build yourself up slowly.

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In all your boxing workouts, concentrate on proper mechanics and on using your skills. Power will come from speed, and that comes with a smooth technique and delivery. Work on your form, and gradually build up your intensity.

Weight lifting and running will enhance your overall condition. They won’t replace sparring as practice, but they are intended to be a supplement to your routine. If you want to become a better boxer, you have to get in the ring and box.

By Suzana

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