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RV, Mobile Home and Trailer Parks – What Are Differences and Similarities?

By Suzana May22,2022

RV, Mobile Home and Trailer Parks – What Are Differences and Similarities?

Before I begin to note similarities and differences, I want to define what mobile home parks, trailer parks and RV Parks. Trailer Parks are a designated area where many trailers are located in a small community. The trailers are a rectangular shape and have smaller front rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate the size. Often, yards are shared, or there are no yards. Mobile Home Parks are a designated small community of mobile homes. Mobile homes are generally wider and feel more like a real home inside, especially if they are a double wide mobile home. They are more square-shaped and the living areas are larger than a trailer. In trailer parks, there are generally only trailers and in mobile home parks, there are usually mostly mobile home parks. RV Parks, however, are intended for RVs.

RVs, or Recreation Vehicles, are a home on wheels. Some RVs are pulled behind another vehicle and some RVs are motorized and are a home and vehicle all in one. Incidentally, there are over 13,000 privately owned RV Parks nationwide and 1,600 state parks in the USA. Cutting right to the chase, there are a few differences and a few similarities. The first difference I see is that RV Parks were intended for short-term stay, while mobile home Parks and trailer parks were intended for long-term stay. Second of all, RV Parks are intended for tourists and Mobile Home/Trailer Parks are intended for locals. As far as similarities go, in some parts of this country, and in Australia, mobile home/RV/trailer parks can be used interchangeably. Another similarity would be many trailers/RVs/ mobile homes in tight quarters. In regards to the amount of time that is usually spent in RV Parks vs. Trailer/Mobile Home Parks. If you’ll notice in RV Parks versus mobile home/trailer parks, there is not a lot fee. There is no point to have a lot fee if the tenants are only staying a few days. However, there is a point to a lot fee if the tenant stays a few years.

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Many choose to live in Trailer/Mobile Home Parks because mobile homes and trailers can cost upwards of $10,000 to move and trailers are a similar price (according to my sister who lives in a mobile home). Often, trailers and mobile homes are not easy to sell and not easy to get lending for, which is another reason for tenants to want to stay living there long-term. RVs can be a lot easier to move – often you can unhook your hookups, pay the RV Park fee and be on your way. I’ve never seen an RV Park with a yard, but I’ve seen some trailer/mobile home parks with yards – a sign of permanence right there. After talking with my sister, mobile home/trailer parks don’t mention what to do in the area for fun, which signifies they are intended for locals who already know what is in the area. However, in all of the RV Park websites I’ve been to, activities of nearby are mentioned. Some tourists know activities in the area, but most don’t, so they need all the help they can get. Many RV Parks, or RV Resorts I should say, have more amenities like swimming pools, activities for the kids, etc. Some mobile home parks have similar amenities, but mostly over 55 communities. Some amenities are meant for luring tourists into the RV Parks, that aren’t found in trailer or mobile home parks.

To start with similarities, in France, one cannot stay in either an RV Park or a mobile home/ trailer park for more than three months, even if they own the land. In Australia they are all one and the same and known as “Caravan Parks.” RV Parks, mobile home parks and trailer parks are similar as well in the fact that many people can live in their dwellings in a small amount of space. From the street while driving by, it may even be hard to tell the difference. Also, many places even in USA, trailer parks have RVs, trailers and mobile home parks. Due to lifestyle and financial changes, many are starting to live full-time, whether traveling or not, in RVs. Some stay in RV Parks, but many are choosing to stay in trailer parks. This depends on location, however. Some trailer parks not only house the regular trailers, but also travel trailers and other RVs. However, more and more RV Parks are now including the option of monthly, as well as weekly and daily rates. The monthly rate would be a lot fee, in effect.

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So, all in all, mobile home parks, trailer parks and RV parks are family. They may or may not have a lot fee. They may or may not have temporary hookups. They may or may not be intended for tourists. They may or may not include amenities like a clubhouse and swimming pool. They may or may not be permanent dwellings, but, they are considered, for a night or lifetime, home.


By Suzana

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